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From Theater of the Finite to Theater of Infinity: Gathering Energy Through Reviewing your Life

A Series of Nine-Hour Tensegrity®
& Theater of Infinity® Events

From Theater of the Finite to Theater of Infinity:

Gathering Energy Through Reviewing your Life


Exhale those cords, those beliefs

From April to February 2018

April 8 & 9: Auzat, France

April 22 & 23: Teutoburg Forest in Horn-Bad Meinberg
with a visit to Externsteine, Germany

April 29 & 30: Antequera, Spain

May 6: London

August 5-6: Ukraine

August 12-13: Pavlovsky Posad, near Moscow, Russia

August 19-20: ST Petersburg

August 26-27: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 30 & October 1: Sofia, Bulgaria

October 7 & 8: Slovenia

October 14 & 15: Estonia

October 22 & 23: Stockholm, Sweden

Feb 3 & 4, 2018: Italy

Would you like to have more energy to live your life’s purpose and heart’s desire?

Seers of ancient Mexico, and wisdom traditions around the world tell us – you already have all the energy that you could ever need. What you need to do is recognize that much of that energy is tied up in unexamined or limiting beliefs, judgments and stories about yourself others and the world.

Essentially they said, we are infinite beings, living in a Theater of Infinity—yet often we falsely view our options as finite.

Those seers discovered a practice called recapitulation: reviewing one’s life, and untangling, with breath and movement, the knots (“nots”) of energy caught in unconscious commitments, judgments or beliefs.

The word recapitulation comes from Latin for “going over the main points of a thing again,” or literally “restating by heads or chapters.

Through the recapitulation, we can untie ourselves from the anchor of unexamined / unconsciously commitments we might have made in our heads, and embrace commitments more aligned with our whole being.

For seers, we perceive, discern, and remember with our whole beings. In this workshop we will practice Mapping the body, a Tensegrity movement series for not-doing that awakens memories stored in the body-mind, and helps free us to perceive.

From this perspective, we will review specific life moments to see where our energy is caught: scenes from intimacy, our careers, our education, our siblings and friends and finally our parents or those who raised us.

With the breath we will liberate the energy of each key scene and story, share it with a supportive witness, and design new directions for ourselves.

Recapitulation grows consciousness. Practicing it, you will find your original energy that you were seeking with a deeper acceptance of and appreciation for your past, a flowering of possibilities in the present and a clearer, more expansive path for your future.

* * *

Please bring a mat, notebook and pen to this event.

* * *

Jim Morris, Associate Tensegrity® Instructor will guide these events, along with the help of local Tensegrity® Facilitators and Facilitators-in-Training.

Information & Registration:

Auzat, France
With a visit to the prehistorical cave of Niaux
and the Montsegur castle
April 8 – 9
Registration: €140
Contact: tensegrity.france@gmail.com
Tel: 06 62 24 57 89

Teutoburg Forest in Horn-Bad Meinberg
with a visit to Externsteine, Germany (extern stones)
April 22 – 23
Registration: €130
Contact: risa.silence@googlemail.com
Tel: + 49 (0)162 9468437

Antequera, Spain
April 29 – 30
Registration: €120
Contact: contacto@tensegrity-spain.es
Tel: 654 12 96 53 / 647 83 94 59

May 6
Price: £120 (advance booking recommended, £50 non-refundable deposit)
Contact: Charlotte on charlotte.e.hopper@gmail.com
Tel:+44 (0)20 7607 1140 or 078 3449 6625.
Visit: Concord Institute website to register

August 5 – 6
Registration: €115
Olena : olenazhumyk@gmail.com +380664455568
Oleg: svobodacom@mail.ru, +380635961010

Pavlovsky Posad, near Moscow, Russia
August 12 – 13

With a 2-days hiking Tour in Moscow region
Contacts: elena@tensegrity-evolution.ru, +7 916 786 3993
artem@tensegrity-evolution.ru, +7 916 982 3683

ST Petersburg
August 19-20
Contact: Ася, assiaamail@mail.ru, +7 906 250 9921
Жанна, jannikojanniko@gmail.com, +7 965 788 9830

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
August, 26-27
Registration: € 120
Contact: Ed: eddebruin@hotmail.com or Silke: wolter69@xs4all.nl
info@stichtingmot.nl, www.stichtingmot.nl

Sofia, Bulgaria
September 30 & October 1
Registration: €115
Contacts: Victor – Tel: +359 888 75 43 43
Email: tensegritybg@gmail.com

October 7 – 8
Registration: 120€
Contact: simcic.mateja@gmail.com
+386 (0)31 34 99 45

Tallinn, Estonia
October 14-15
Registration: 125 €
Contact: anneli.partna@gmail.com
Tel: +372 508 7689

Stockholm, Sweden
October 22-23
Price 120 €
Tel: +46735455027, +46735455029

February 3 & 4, 2018
Registration: €120
Contact: zoi.kainosis@gmail.com
Tel: + 39 340 2462680


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