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Open the Gates of Dreaming

A Tensegrity® & Theater of Infinity® Complete Dreaming Retreat

Open the Gates of Dreaming

May 28 – June 1, 2017
Elbrus, Russia

Accompanied by
Tensegrity® Facilitator Training
Introduction to Level I, II and III

May 29, 2017

We live in a dream; we are dreaming all of the time…

Yet some of our daily life situations seem so far from our idea of a dream that we frequently ascribe dreaming to a euphoric state that happens only in our deepest sleep, an enticing reality beyond our reach or control.

The universe, however, tells a different story to shamans — that we are the dreamer of both our waking and sleeping states. If our jobs, partners, family and friends are in our lives, it is because of our intention and design. The same can be said about our ethereal sleeping excursions to other worlds as well as our nightmares.

According to the ancient Mexican lineage to which Carlos Castaneda belongs, we become aware that both waking and sleeping states are linked, when we are with our dreaming body, the double of our physical body. If, for instance, we build a connection to our dreaming body during our waking hours then the realm of the sleeping dream becomes another sphere of interaction where we are contributors to the makings and outcomes of the dream, just as we are in a waking dream. On the other hand, if we are aware we are with our dreaming body in a sleeping dream, then this consciousness, or dreaming attention, passes to our waking moments.

Thus to dream or not to dream is not only a function of having and remembering night dreams, or of doing a plethora of techniques. Dreaming is reaching the dreaming body in both waking and sleeping hours.

Castaneda’s teacher, don Juan Matus, taught that by considering our physical being to be a “dreaming body” as well can help us realize that we are indeed dreaming all of the time. Perceiving multi-sensorial input from our physical “dreaming body” in our day opens the door to being aware of our dreaming body in our waking state.

This is the focus of this workshop – to enhance your dreaming in both “waking” and “sleeping” states by giving you a collection of methods from which you may choose the best suited for you, plus the added visceral experience of being in both waking and sleeping dreams, separately and at the same time.

In this event, you will:

  • Learn to free and clean your energy in the your waking attention.
  • Receive tools to connect with your dreaming body – waking and sleeping.
  • Experience your physical ‘dreaming body’ so as to be able to induce for yourself dreaming in a waking state.
  • Be given a variety of methods of how to enter the sleeping attention including those introduced only to Carlos Castaneda’s apprentices.
  • Practice tools in your waking dream whose intention is to improve your sleeping dream.
  • Experience and learn how to enter the different levels, or gates, of the sleeping dreaming.
  • Learn how to take action in your waking and sleeping dream.
  • Leave with a collection of techniques which serve you best in your day and night dreaming now and in the future.
  • Accelerate your dreaming by learning to dream in both waking and sleeping states.

It was not by chance that Elbrus was the area chosen for this workshop. In the pure energy of the surrounding earth, air and mountain springs, we will practice dreaming in a land that inspired other dreamers and dreams. The ancient Greeks believed that the Golden Fleece was kept in Elbrus. Hebrew sagas name this place as the one hiding the Ark of the Covenant. Tibetan monks call Elbrus the Sixth Chakra of the Earth. Undoubtedly, this land can be considered a place of power for our planet.

So, one of the practices we are definitely going to take advantage of in this area – is dreaming while walking. Dream-walking is a form of dreaming awake when we stretch our awareness to merge with the awareness of the surroundings.

* * *

This event is guided by Renata Murez and Bruce Wagner – both are students of Carlos Castaneda and Carol Tiggs.

* * *

To complement this Dreaming Retreat, you may also wish to attend:

  • Two Group Night Dreaming Sessions in the company of other dreamers – all will receive specific group dreaming instructions and sleeping configurations
  • Special session for Dreaming with a Partner
  • For the first time – NEW: Session on Invisible guides and helpers
  • Parallel Worlds – additional Session for seasoned practitioners
  • Special session for beginners
  • Facilitator Trainings – all levels
  • Private sessions with Renata Murez

* * *

Dream-Walking Tour in the Elbrus Mountains

What is dream-walking?

Dream-walking is a form of dreaming awake – being with your dreaming body in the waking state. Yet it doesn’t occur when you are sitting in silence and it doesn’t necessarily entail visioning. Instead, it happens when you are walking in silence with the results of you feeling like you are moving in a dream.

This event is encircled by two days of dream-walking the mountains of Elbrus.

The first day will give you an initial experience of dream-walking. Many feel that the environment and silence of the mountains, forests, and rivers is the closest waking model of the world of dreaming asleep. Matched with your own inner silence, you may become aware that you are walking in a dream and that quite possibly your entire waking life is a dream.

The last day of the retreat will take you to natural places of power and energy. Freshly conscious and aware from the workshop, you will be able to feel yourself moving as if in a dream more easily. Gathering more energy from power spots, you may experience the feeling of being buoyed up by your dreaming body, moving in a current of energy and intention that is not yours, but infinity’s.

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More information about the Complete Dreaming Retreat
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More Optional Connected Events

Tensegrity® Facilitator Trainings

Level I, II & III – Part 2
May 29, 2017

To start your next round of your trainings – whether you are beginning Level I, II, or III — it is mandatory that you sign up for this workshop also.

Continuing your personal development in Tensegrity® and contribution and training as a Facilitator by attending some workshops is required. Please register for the workshop and your training separately.


Monday, May 29, 9 am to 12 noon at the Retreat venue


Level I Tensegrity® Facilitator Training – Part 2

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Level II Tensegrity® Facilitator Training – Part 2

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Level III Tensegrity® Facilitator Training – Part 2

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Private Tensegrity® & Theater of Infinity® Sessions with

Renata Murez

June 1, 2 &3

and Bruce Wagner

June 1

p1 Each session is up to 55 minutes of individualized attention to further your Tensegrity® practice. At the session you can ask any questions related to your personal practice or connected with any of the areas of your life where you feel you need help, direction or recommendation.

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