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Continued Training for Tensegrity® Facilitators – Level I Part 2 – France



Continuation of:
Tensegrity® Facilitator Training

Level I Part 2

Chartres, France

June 30, 2017

In conjunction with the Tensegrity® & Theater of Infinity® Workshop
The Alchemy of Masculine and Feminine

Impeccability is the wise use of energy.

Don Juan Matus to Carlos Castaneda

A stitch in time and space… Saves nine and adds grace…

Taisha Abelar’s play on the traditional English maxim: ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’


The term ‘impeccability’ has guided us through many of our Facilitator steps so far. We have begun to wisely look at our strengths and weaknesses, and how to best utilize our energy as Facilitators-in-Training, in our Practice Groups, and in our lives.

And now, after your guiding of the current Practice Group classes entitled Cyclicity, we would like to ‘check-in’ with you once again to discuss our next topic – how best to handle differences of opinion and disagreements amongst ourselves.

As Facilitators-in-Training we each come from different backgrounds, have different life experiences and harbor a plethora of different views. And how, unless we are extremely similar to each other, are we supposed to come together to agree on even the simplest of topics and tasks? For example, topics such as contrasting views on the color of paper used for handouts, who is going to speak or lead movements first, or what is the best time to open the venue doors can often become fodder for immediate disagreement and possibly long-term dissatisfaction unless handled from our best selves: holding a larger view than our own ‘personal’ needs and with trust in ourselves and others on our team.

This training will be a best look at how to handle differences effectively.

As Facilitators-in-Training, we are all moving towards mirroring the model we aspire to in Tensegrity® workshops – each of us becoming a functioning member of a team of Tensegrity® Facilitators.

Don Juan marveled at such a team of seers while visiting his benefactor’s house, as did Florinda Donner-Grau a generation later:

As time passed, the nature of leadership and authority among them became evident. I was surprised and somehow delighted to realize that no one was better or higher than another. Some of them performed functions of which the others were incapable, but that did not make them superior. It simply made them different.

Ours is a journey towards arriving at this place.

* * *


The birds trade off in taking the lead position.
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This training is open to those who attended the Introduction to Tensegrity® Facilitator Training Level I Part I (given in Moscow 2017, Stroud 2016, Acton 2017 and Online for Residents of Mexico and Latin America and USA 2017).

This training will be given again in Omega Institute United States July 2017 and Mexico City August 2017.

* * *

The training will be given in English. Those participants who need translation are asked to organize this in advance amongst their language groups; (Translators must be participants of the training.) We will do our best to help out as much as we can.



Friday, June 30

9:00 am to 11:00 am


Registration coming soon…

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