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Following the Trail of the Plumed Serpent To the Origin — OLMEC, Mexico — April 18 – 25, 2018


Following the Trail of the Plumed Serpent

To the Origin
— OLMEC, Mexico — April 18 – 25, 2018

An 8-Day All-inclusive Excursion Back to the Beginning, to the Cradle of our Lineage


This is So Much More Than a Tour

Carlos Castaneda would never have called what you are going to experience a tour. Your being will be transported to the cradle of our lineage, where you will arrive at the beginning of your time as a seer, knowing that there is no place further back to go.

In a single moment, you will know why you’ve been following this path, why you’ve been on the trail, and who you are within it. You will, all at once, come to feel your place, within, as part of the lineage, a sensation you have never felt before.

Your existence will finally make sense on so many levels that you will never question yourself again. Even if you have missed the earlier events in Tula, Teotihuacan or Yucatan. This is a must attend event … back to the origin!


You Are Our Future Lineage Holders

When Carlos Castaneda took us to Mexico, it was for a very defined purpose. And that purpose was to pass on the lineage he’d been so carefully taking care of all those years onto us, his apprentices … and to do this in the best way he could.

Orally — as an oral tradition, through stories, reminiscence, memories — energetically and experientially so that we could have those experiences ourselves.

And because he did this with us in this way … we want to do this with you. So the real purpose of this trip to Olmec country is to pass on the lineage to you.

It is about us passing on the work, history, heritage, lineage in a manner as close to what Carlos Castaneda did with us, his apprentices … TO YOU, if you are committed to picking up the baton and carrying the work forward, because YOU ARE OUR FUTURE LINEAGE HOLDERS!


It’s A Minute To 12

Carlos had this expression: “It’s a Minute to 12”. Meaning that time is running out. He took us on these trips to Mexico during the final years of his life. Let’s face it, us apprentices aren’t getting any younger and we’re not going to be here forever.

These locations we’re going to experience in Mexico are not going to be around forever either. Methodically, little by little, governments, museums, are coming in and extracting the artifacts each site — the pottery, the tombs — and pulling it all away; all the things that give these sites their magic, their mystery … will soon be gone.

That’s another reason why the OLMEC 2018 Event is so significant, because it won’t be repeated again. Because it can’t be repeated again.


This event is your LAST OPPORTUNITY to receive the lineage EXPERIENTIALLY
In the most AUTHENTIC way we know how.

The experience is waiting for you in Mexico … If you do no other event with us next year …
do this one and join us in OLMEC country.


Meet You at the Airport …

And when it was time to go to Mexico, Carlos would call each one of us up individually and he’d say: I’ve got your ticket in my hand … It’s got your name on it … want to come? Pack a bag … pack light … pack one … and I’ll see you at the airport in a couple of hours.

One of the reasons for this was so that we could arrive empty. We could leave all that was familiar behind. We could leave our chatter, our assumptions, our judgments behind.

We could then step off that plane and into Mexico for the first time … feel the energy of that land … which was a source of our lineage … so we could experience it and be ready for whatever adventure lies ahead, and the only question in our head would be – What’s next?

Your Instructors and Guides

Renata Murez

Apprentice of Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar & Carol Tiggs – Students of Don Juan

A Tensegrity® Facilitator and Instructor, and Creative Co-Director at Cleargreen, the company formed by Carlos Castaneda to disseminate the practical aspects of his work, Renata is a member of the original team of Tensegrity® leaders, who, under the direction of the students of don Juan, helped to formulate the modernization of the Magical Passes® and other Tensegrity® practices. She has been leading Tensegrity® workshops and tours worldwide for over twenty-three years.

Ambar de la Parra

Associate Tensegrity® Instructor and Leader of Mexico Direct Tours

Ambar has participated actively in workshops given in the US, Europe, Brazil and Mexico. She also founded Mexico Direct Travel in 1995, a travel agency specializing in ancient archeological sites, and every year since 2010, she and her sister Magda Ortiz have organized the annual Tensegrity® Tour in Mexico, Journeys into the Second Attention. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning from UCLA.


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