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Continued Training for Tensegrity® Facilitators – Level I, Level II & Level III, Part 3


Continuation of:
Tensegrity® Facilitator Training

Level I, Level II & Level III
Part 3


Soriano nel Cimino, Viterbo | Italy
November 10, 2017

In conjunction with the Tensegrity® and Theater of Infinity® Workshop


General schedule:

Friday, November 10
9:30 am – 12:00 pm


Level I Tensegrity® Facilitator Training – Part 3

The term ‘impeccability’ has been and continues to be a ‘guiding force’ in our Facilitator Training. And in this unit of Facilitator Training, we are going to look at the ‘impeccability’ of our own movement so as to be able to deepen the movement experience of our fellow practitioners…

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Level II Tensegrity® Facilitator Training – Part 3

Alerting ourselves to the ‘balance’ of one of our energy sources, our money, affects the Tensegrity® structure we call ‘ourselves’ — our sense of vitality and resourcefulness, our personal power. Retaining an awareness of how our money flows builds awareness and accountability within the rise and ebb of other facets of our lives…

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Level III Tensegrity® Facilitator Training – Part 2

At the end of a long journey, it’s always good to look back… You’ve been on a long journey indeed! You have exposed what’s in your heart to others; you have stood up for what you believe in and chosen a life path different from most. You have passed the tests of resilience, constancy, and dedication…

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