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Блог — Роман со знанием

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Steve McAndrew named a Member of the British Empire

26 October 2016

We are very happy to announce that Stephen (Steve) McAndrew, Head of Emergency Operations for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and Tensegrity® Facilitator, was recently named a Member of the British Empir …

Two Realms: A Wasp Story

14 June 2016

by Jessica Aouati Through connecting with an animal relative, in this case, the wasp, Jessica Aouati learns about their world and about herself, as we will do in the upcoming Berlin workshop. Please enjoy her tale. Paper wasps. Photo: roadsidepictures, …

Представляем нашу серию Животное месяца

7 February 2016

Животное месяца: морская губка!  Venus flower basket glass sponges (Euplectella aspergillum) with a squat lobster in the middle. Credit: NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, Gulf of Mexico 2012 Expedition Our ancient ancestors knew that the majority of consc …

Многогранность существа

14 January 2016

    Какой прекрасный семинар мы только что провели в Москве 7 – 9 января! Спасибо всем, кто принимал участие в его организации и в самом семинаре! Тема этого семинара была “Танец многогранности человечского существа”. В начале, 6 января Ренат …

There Are No Others

20 November 2015

Twilight at Tyrhennian Sea – Paestum Italy. Photo by Juan Antonio Jimenez On the way back home from our recent workshop in Paestum, Italy: Jump into the Abyss: Birthing a New Destiny, our instructor team, Nyei Murez, Jim Morris and Teo Alfero, traveled …

Interview: Your Destiny is in Your Hands

9 October 2015

Underground River in Pertosa Cave, also known as Angel’s Cave, which we will visit November 9 An interview with Nyei Murez, Teo Alfero, and Guilhem Morera about our upcoming Tensegrity® and Theater of Infinity® event: Jumping into the Abyss: Birthing o …

Stories that Inspire Us – Steve McAndrew

4 September 2015

Here is Steve McAndrew, Head of Emergency Operations for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and Tensegrity® Facilitator-in-Training, talking about the field effort he recently led in Nepal and ongoing Red Cross effort …

Preparing for Carnac, France – Looking at Symbolic Language in our Lives – Parts I, II & III

23 May 2015

Part III, June 5, 2015   Cleargreen completes its trilogy of looking at symbolic language in our lives, in preparation for our upcoming workshop, Dreaming Silent Language at Carnac. (See Parts I & II of the trilogy below.) This entry  looks at how …

A Dance of Thank You

30 April 2015

  Please enjoy this beautiful video  shared with us by our friend, dancer, dance teacher at the Martha Graham school and author of “The Difference in Butterflies: A Chinese dancer’s memoir of her flight from inner and outer tyranny,” Yung Yung Tsu …

Happy Earth Day!

22 April 2015

“Earth Day Ducklings” by Branka Rajkovic We are inspired by this beautiful photo, sent to us yesterday by artist and Tensegrity® Facilitator Branka Rajkovic, who lives in Sweden. Thank you Branka for sharing it! About the ducks, she wrote, “I saw them …

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