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  1. hermannfokken says:

    Paco’s story I could feel clearly. Great. The lesson is for me again and again: Listen to your inner voice.

    My impression of the recapitulation form is sobriety. The breath pass on the feet shows me my belly is too fat. The masculinity form with music was so funny that I did it again a bit too excessive.

    For the first wave of the Theater of Infinity® I have chosen my procrastination („I’ll do it tomorrow) as a characteristic of the day – dreamer.
    My witnesses didn’t accept my excuses or indecisiveness.
    That was funny: Although I wanted to get out of the way now and again, both of the two insisted in concrete plans and dates. So I had no alternative choice than to say “Yes, I’ll do it on that certain date”. So I can carry this dream in other situations. Many thanks.

    In the other waves of the Theater of Infinity® I have worked on my Know – it – all attitude. Body position is the head to the back, neck straight, corners of the mouth facing down, breathing stops in the middle of the thorax. Feel the position of power over and not connected.
    The recapitulation walk brought a current scene:
    A practitioner brought some good smelling pieces of plants from the Jardin L’ Albarda and showed it while driving bus. “How can he do so?” I thought. And the sage – in my garden it smells better ….. and so on.
    From playing the Theater of Infinity® I could carry home that I will in each interaction first feel or try to see the inner state of the other person. In this scene I had could see his joy and affection.

    On the entrance of the Jardin L’Albarda came a very clear and strong impression: All the beings in this garden seemed to feel: ”Here I am belong to”
    The different spots in this garden cause for me different moods and the time was too short to perceive all the beauty.

    The big wall beside the way up to the castle was impressive. Here I had the impression to feel the mood or inner state of the builders as a joyful connected community, in confidence and security.
    After passing the entrance door with the Arabic bow a strong shower of energy were floating through my body.
    I didn’t understand exactly the questions we should ask at the top of the castle. So I asked the questions “Which dream brought me to Tensegrity® and does work out still today?” and “How could I realize it furthermore”? I think, the answers could be given to the origin questions too.
    During a look at the see and over the city with all its peoples and buildings came a wave of boundless joy about these infinite beauty that is me allowed to perceive. Yes, the answer to the first question is the dream to enjoy the beauty in all of its forms.
    “How to realize this dream furthermore?” – In my closed eyes appeared a pattern of several lineages crossing each other, but this picture was partly covered with fog or clouds. “The world exist in partly covered patterns” was the answer. – “Ok, I know – but is there a guideline how to decide the right way, when the lineages are crossing?” – “Ask yourself, your inner voice or your energy body always knows the right decision”

    As my general impression that remains from this great workshop light and lightness.

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