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  1. Hello Dear Cleargreen and Dear Practitioners,

    The Workshop in Denia was something special for me. I could feel at the first time in my life the mood and capacity of energy and confidence. It was so filled through the place of workshop and Montgo.
    It was special because it was connection to my heart and to feel where I’m really. I had like everybody the task for three types but it was in background also other streams and questions. Since childhood I dreamed a lot of past time and the Earth. It’s like a mystery over understanding. But during the tour I felt the opening that the place and around speaks with me. I could understand this language too. The incredible was in Cova del Rull, as we were standing in the silence. I could feel this place connected with the stars and they speak with each other. It was friendship and love. It was happiness to see it.
    Other time was in Montgo, this place is magical. The mountain has a unlimited perception and clear feminine energy. I felt that I will be again there and the day after I was there by Sunset.

    thank you!!!


  2. Dear Navigators,
    this Workshop in Denia was a Challenge and a diffuse opening for me. The Challange was to come there and to be every second on the way to second Attention and than it goes on and on. This trip was so fluide for me. After when i was back home i realyse how strong and magic was the power of this Mountain Montgo.
    In the beginning the Budhist Center was realy strange for me and after a while it was more and more a place of opening and fluid power. To work with the three Types has need a lot of attention from me. I always wanna find the limitation between them, and after a while i found that they change very quick from one to an other mask. I find out that one thing, all of us three in our Groupe, has mist the same. We all dont trust our self when it goes to do something in direction of our Deams. If i open my chest and breath deep and slow, open my eyes whide and feel my feet, than i can do steps on my Dreampath light and easy. And Stop, make a pause, look around, breath and go forward.
    After this Workshop a lot of things wait for me to do in my Daily Life, and till now i dont judge about them, i just do what is to do and that takes less more Energie than it was before this Workshop.
    Doing the Rekapitulation Passes makes me light and the masculine Passes let me do the actions who has to be done. They are good supplements.
    When we go on the Tour i was realy lucky to sail and see the Sunrise in front of the way, and the Montgo let me feel protected.
    On of the most awesome moments was to be in silence in the Cave del Rull. I can see and feel that the Stone sinside the Cave was still alive. I saw so many faces and a big couple laying down there arm in arm. The atmosphere was so friendly and full of Love in there. I realy enjoyed it.
    I want to say a big thank you to the Organisators for all this fulfilling Places and Moments. The Garden LÀlbarda was so beautiful and made with passion and Love.
    Thank you all for let this great Journey be possible.

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