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December Solstice: Turning the Wheel of Time


A Global Online Tensegrity® & Theater of Infinity® Class

December Solstice: Turning the Wheel of Time

Purchase Available December 16, 2016 and after

Pre-recorded class will be available December 20, 2016

Each season closes a passage of time and opens another, marking a turn in what many ancient cultures call “the wheel of time.”

December Solstice marks an important turn, and a time for renewal of our being.  It is the coming of Winter in the Northern hemisphere and Summer in the South. This is the season of sifting through what we learned this year, saying ‘thank you’ for gifts received, and deciding what to let go of, and what to keep, nourish and carry forward.

This class is a preparation for this eventful turning point! Informed by this review, we will make new agreements between ourselves and the sacred for the coming year.

Tensegrity® movements, inner exploration, and dreaming practices will be part of this event.

There is so much wisdom to be had in looking back, reflecting upon what has passed and using those lessons and gifts to navigate forward that we would like to share this moment with all of you.



winter_solstice-w We wish you a loving and magical new year!

This is our first pre-recorded offering of many more to come!

Please enjoy our new system of registration and presentation, starting with this class!

  • This class is open to all: newcomers and experienced Tensegrity® practitioners
  • Class is presented in English
  • Length: 90 minutes
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