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Retrieving the Dreams of Childhood! A Preparation for Dederkoi, Sochi Coast, Russia

A Global Online Tensegrity® & Theater of Infinity® Class

Retrieving the Dreams of Childhood!

A Preparation for Dederkoi, Sochi Coast, Russia

Upgraded Live Webcast:
Saturday July 25, 2015

9 to 11 am PDT
18h to 20h CEST
19:00 to 21:00 MSK

Video available from August 1

In Spanish!*
Sunday, August 2
9 to 11 am PDT, 18h to 20h CEST

There is a popular belief that the way we talked, thought and reasoned when we were children belong to our childhood, and that as adults we need to put our ‘childish ways’ behind us.

Yet the irony of this idea is that many of us retain our ‘childish ways’ by never defining what an adult is and never questioning some of the infantile assumptions we lodge against other adults, especially our parents.

Beyond this contradiction are those ‘flecks of spirit’ in our young lives – the time we walked in the woods and heard the voices of the animals and insects and spoke with the flowers; the moment when inspired by a book, our mind and heart leapt to day-dreaming being captain of our own ship and an adventurer at sea; the time we donned a costume and bestowed graciousness or acted on the behalf of someone else; and/or the sleeping dream that caught us conquering great odds.

Where are these dreams – of clear, untarnished vision that we accomplished despite fear and doubt, from a feeling in our ‘gut that this road was the only way to go? And how do we retrieve these memories to now live better and fuller adult lives?

These unbridled ‘imaginings’ may not be imaginings after all, but sparks and moments when our higher self, our dreaming body, entered into our lives to share with us its view.

It is this part of ourselves that we want to acknowledge and celebrate in this class and learn more fully how to bring in to support and nurture our daily lives.

Tensegrity® movement, lecture, and recapitulation, or memory retrieval, will be part of this class.

* * *

This class is open to all: newcomers and experienced Tensegrity® practitioners.

* * *

This online class may be taken as a member of a Tensegrity® practice group, or on your own. We encourage groups to join together for the class! List of Participating Practice Groups

If you would like to take this class together with others, we ask that each person who participates with you please also be registered. Live online class is given in English. Simultaneous translation to other languages available. (More information below) Recording is available in English only.

* * *


Includes access to live class and recording–recording available one week after class, for 3 weeks

Access to live class will close on Saturday, July 25 at 8 am PDT (one hour before the class).

$30 US per person
$25 US per person for Residents of Eastern Europe, Russia and Latin America

Residents of certain countries have the option to Register by Bank transfer no later than Thursday, July 23. More information

Please note: If you have special circumstances that require you to register by email, you must contact us at cleargreen@cleargreen.com before 5 pm PDT on Thursday, July 23..

* * *

Additionally, you will need a computer, a good internet connection and good enough speakers. Class Schedule and Guidelines for computer ‘connection’ will be sent to you upon registration. For the live class: Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to get ‘connected’ and settle in.

* * *

If translation from English is needed, please make arrangements with the Tensegrity® practitioners below who will be translating the class simultaneously via WebEx or Skype. To avail yourself of this service; please contact these practitioners a few days before class to set your intent to attend:

Elke – email: traducciones3@yahoo.com
Skypename: alba.moran; Tel. (+34) 639.990.696

Nadine – email: n.alca@gmx.de
Skype name: zoecuencaalca

Elena – Skype name: elena.tochilina
If you have any questions regarding WebEx or TeamSpeak please contact technical support Dmitry Letakhovsky for Russian-speaking participants. Contact details: email leto1394@gmail.com – skype: dmitri.leto

* * *

To participants planning to attend the live class in the Cleargreen Studio in Los Angeles, please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the class starts. Information and Map

* * *

*REGISTRATION for class in Spanish on August 2

The online class on Sunday, August 2, will be given in Spanish by the Tensegrity® Facilitators of Mexico City; it will be a duplicate of the online class given on July 25.

11:00 to 13:00 CDT (Mexico City)
9 to 11 am PDT (Los Angeles, California)

13:00 to 15:00 ART (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

13:00 to 15:00 BRT (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

18:00 to 20:00 CEST (Spain)

Credit card registrations:

For Residents of Latin America: $20 US per person
All others: $25 US per person

Online Class in Spanish on Sunday, August 2:

Online registration will close on Sunday, August 2 at 8 am PDT. To register by phone or email, please do so before 5 pm PDT on Friday, July 31.

Please note: If you have special circumstances that require you to register by email, you must contact us at cleargreen@cleargreen.com before 5 pm PDT on Thursday, July 30.

For registrations in Mexico other than by credit card:

Please register no later than Friday, July 31.

Price: $22 US per person

For more information:
Argelia, phone: (55) 3089 0799 or cell phone: 04455 9185 5539,
email: intento.tensegrity@gmail.com

* * *

Cancellation Policy: Cancelled registrations will be refunded in full if made more than 48 hours prior to the live class. No refund or credit will be available thereafter.

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