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  1. mistycoast says:

    Coming back to New York after many years absence was a journey of return in many ways. Many life changes happened to me during the time I lived there, and this workshop was an opportunity to look at my years there through the lenses of the 3 roles…
    The pairing of the Recapitulation form and the Masculinity passes was perfect complement. The recapitulation form and the Theatre of Infinity having dislodged a lot of material (laughter, tears and all!), it was good to re-focus with the latter passes when looking at a dream-in-process…

    The tour was a very powerful experience too – helped by the engaged support of fellow participants who shared their stories… Many thanks go to the two brave women in my small group, and everyone who made this event happen…. It felt light and energizing to recover pieces of myself, and I am very grateful for the experence helping me to move forward… Much love to you all.

  2. Dear Cleargreen,

    Thank you for coming to NY and bringing this gift of self-realization and group-realization to us! Now, a month after the workshop, I’ve come to see my “scenes” in a different light. In the workshop, I chose to focus on my love relationships. I found a recent scene in which I was playing the helper to a love interest and her young children, with disastrous results. During the recapitulation walk, I remembered a past scene of me being a helper to my mom, while she was caring for my newborn baby brother. This, incidentally, was the exact time my father was separating himself, both physically and emotionally from the family. To find a scene that so mirrored the one I was recently going through was a shock. I’ve realized since the workshop that it wasn’t the “helper” I was playing in these scenes but, rather, the “provider”. I was trying to recreate that feeling of importance I felt in my youth. But, I was receiving that attention and that feeling of importance from my mom, not for anything inherent in myself, but due to her need. Thus, a puke was born. Seeing the origin of my mask has helped me look at the things I need to work on, instead of focusing on the things which “give me a pass”, or make me deserved of better treatment.

    I found doing the masculinity series in our group of three to be very powerful. Reenacting the scenes allowed me to share in another perspective, which was very enlightening. It highlighted the fact that we often repeat and repeat our version of events in our head until we feel its the definitive version.

    Looking out in silence upon the Statue of Liberty and the financial district during our tour was also very powerful. It seemed like a contrast between old and new. I got a sense of what it must have been like for immigrants to this country to see that symbol of liberty for the first time.

    Hearing the dreams of others spoken aloud made it clear how inclusive of others a dream is, and how much sharing it takes to bring it about.

    Thank you again, Vince

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