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  1. craighere says:

    Dear ones, thank you for my first online tensegrity class. I participated through the recorded session today 3/5/16. It was a wild 24hrs for me and week – split up with my partner of 6 years, my personal life was under public attack due to a difficult business decision (letting someone go), under my care my nephew had to go to hospital after a fall (and I was made to feel guilty – in the immediate reaction).
    This was the background for my first class!
    Thank you, it never ceases to amaze me that thus far with tensegrity my rational mind and self importance may be going crazy but the forms produce an unequaled sense of well being. And despite my usual rational insights of ‘support’ ‘understanding’ and other feelings during class, it was a strange visualization of the presenter (form demonstrator) ‘teleporting’ that had the biggest impact on me. Thank you again for sharing

  2. serge8ant says:

    I Love this bat Tensegrity Form and was happy to practice it. After practicing my ears feel like by brushed on. The advice of the bats: Stay with you and don´t go immediately into a reaction. Carrying love and good mood in the world. This story I want to share. Some years ago, we thought of a solution, how we can throw in the dark Boomerang. We wound our Boomerangs with a thin tape, that was charged with light and then lit up for about 2-3 minutes itself. We walked at night on a field, brought our Boomerangs with flashlights to illuminate and throw them. Suddenly we noticed that bats followed the flight of our boomerangs. We felt their great joy and played about 1 or 2 hours with the bats Boomerang. That was such an amazing event, I will never forget.

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