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  1. Dear all,

    The first class of this cycle has been given in Alicante on Friday, January 9, and we just finished the second class today. In our group, we are 6 – 7 women between 24 and 63 years old, and 4 of them are newcomers.

    I feel that each women comes with a real concern to clear the situation with her mother and some women have children and are mothers, too! For me, the most touching part is the dedication of all the woman and their readiness to open to the practices of Tensegrity, although for 4 of them, it is the first time.

    In our first class, last Friday, when I demonstrated the Magical Passes of Taisha and Florinda for the first time, I felt that the 4 newcomers were a bit irritated about these movements and some expressed that they think that they cannot learn them. But we just continued to practice them together and after 15 min., the whole group did the long form of these Magical Passes very well. And this was the beginning of this cycle of classes: The newcomers could not understand how quickly they learned these Passes and experienced at the very beginning that they are able to do more than their thoughts are telling them.

    For me, as facilitator, I feel more relaxed and fluid in facilitating this series of classes and I like the structure of the whole series very much. As the structure of each class is very similar, I feel that we are led almost effortlessly to the stalking and dreaming part, where each woman – and the newcomers immediately – can go very deep and discover the connections between herself and her mother.

    I also like that we start with the moments of pure love we experienced from our mothers and find these moments in us and carry them on. In the first class, it was an overwhelming moment to see these moments of love and inconditional giving of our mothers, and to feel how strong the feminine energy actually is!
    And the group finished the first class in an adventurous mood: “We cannot wait to apply this state of being we saw in our mothers and in ourselves (one woman wanted to express her gratitude to her mother) this coming week and see what happens!”

    So in our feedback at the beginning of the second class, some women said that they could witness amazing changes during the last week and they are asking themselves, if these are coming from the practice of Tensegrity and they consider these practices of Tensegrity as really profound and powerful.

    The second class, revising challenging moments with our mothers in a safe space and find us doing the same, was a very healing experience, too, because, after practicing the Magical Passes, the women in the group had a more detached view and less judgement, but keen observation capacities. So again, at the end of the class, there was an adventurous mood: “We will practice the new behaviour, this coming week, and see what happens!”

    It is beautiful to see in the eyes and in the bodies of the women, how their energy comes back in the moment of becoming conscious about the deeper layer of who is or was their mother, with the “view from their energy body” (in the first class) and the intent to make a difference (after the second class), knowing that by doing so, we are healing our mother’s, grandmother’s and our children’s stress or pain.

    In these moments, I am very grateful to be part of this situation, this process and I am grateful for the powerful changes, Tensegrity practice brings. And I admire the warrior spirit of all the women in this group. They are shining, more beautiful, at the end of the class.

    Thank you for preparing these powerful classes, which bring changes on a very deep level.
    With love,

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