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Tensegrity® practice is an art: the art of adapting to one's own energy, and to each other's energy in a way that contributes to the integrity of the community that we are. Carlos Castaneda

The first Tensegrity® practice groups began more than twenty years ago when the students of don Juan proposed that the participants of the early Tensegrity classes could get together to practice the Magical Passes® movements they had learned. Practicing Magical Passes movements together, Carlos Castaneda later wrote, became a means for practitioners to create "a much-needed kinesthetic consensus." "Such a consensus is necessary," he said, "because it reinforces the seers" intent of freedom, without intellectualization." Since that time, Tensegrity® practice groups have formed worldwide as a means for participants to practice and share what they have learned at Tensegrity workshops and classes as well as on the four volumes of the Tensegrity® videos and DVDs, and the book Magical Passes. Practice groups are self-organized, have no designated leaders and members share only the cost of the rental of the room and a small contribution to Cleargreen. Cleargreen is not legally responsible for the content of these practices or the safety of their participants. Registered Practice Groups are listed at and receive a newsletter three times a year where they can share the findings and experiences of their own and other groups; further, registered groups can sign up for weekly classes sponsored by Cleargreen and guided by individual practice group members in their local practice community.

In addition to their regular practice meetings, registered groups may also organize "Tensegrity® Practice Events" or "Tensegrity® Practice Intensives": one-time or seasonal events in which one or several Tensegrity practice groups announce the event to a broader public and meet for a longer period—usually a full day—to go deeper into the practice of the Magical Passes and exercises learned in Tensegrity workshops and classes. The program for these events are proposed by the organizers themselves and agreed upon by Cleargreen. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for practitioners to practice the collaborative art of Tensegrity practice in working together on all aspects of the event, and all participating have the opportunity to learn more about the "language of the magical passes" and to support one another in reviewing and being more conscious in their lives!

If your group wishes to propose a practice event, please contact us a minimum of three weeks before the event. We will send then send you specific event guidelines.

Please note that in order to comply with international trademark and copyright law you must register your Tensegrity® Practice Event or Intensive here and receive written agreement on your schedule from Cleargreen.

Formally register your practice group or list that you are interested in forming a group.

Modify an already registered practice group or add a practice event.

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