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  1. tiegerlilya says:

    We gave the cyclicity 9 in Berlin with 2 facilitators and 4 practioners, one newcomer in the first class.
    We practiced the classes as doubleclasses (1+2 and 3+4 with a big pause inbetween for lunch) at two weekends.

    It was very intensive and familiar.
    One of the women shifted very emotional because of her theme with her mother. And for this the small familiar group was fine.
    She wrote the letter towards her mom and gave me a wonderful feedback:
    She called her mother (who lives not in Germany) and read the letter to her. Her mom was crying and gave her doughter her excuse for the things wich were so badly.
    After it there clearyfied their relationsship again and made a new start with each other.

    It was great to hear that and shifted me also.

    Thank you

    The paticipants had the wish to try a different form of doubleclass. Instead of a big pause it seems to be nice to do two classes right behind each other. Specially because the feeling was to do the tracking 1 and ammediatly tracking 2.

    We will do this for cyclicity 10. So, read the Feedback there:-)

    Greetings from Berlin

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