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Singing YES to the Moment – Vocal Improvisation as a Life Skill

Singing YES to the Moment

with Kate Richards Geller

Learning by Playing


2 Mondays each in August & September

(August 15 & 22, September 12 & 19)


All Mondays October through December 2016

7:30 to 9 pm


In this creativity practice, we sing our way into soundscapes while developing and strengthening ensemble and solo skills that help us in music and in life.

Using everything we know and love about music, we play in the land of tone, harmony, melody, rhythm, and groove until it becomes effortless…

The experience is joyful and liberating and has ripple effects in the way we find creative solutions in our relationships at home and at work. We’ve noticed, in ourselves and each other, that we are opening up and feeling more freedom in other areas of our lives.

The format is adapted for all levels of musical experience so you can start confidently with what you already know and then venture out to explore new territory. This group is focused on the experience of music as an agent of change. It is more process oriented rather than performance. We are playing with our inherent musicality more than our learned musicianship. 

We begin each session with Tensegrity® movement, led by Nyei Murez and others, to tune our bodies and energy fields, and then we sing. 

The skills we build in music are applicable to other areas of our lives:  quieting the mind, listening, resonating, getting ‘in tune’ and ‘in sync’ with others, finding ways to be harmonious, searching for what we want to express and experimenting with how we want to express it, being heard…

$25 per class; $20 for first-time participants
$100 for series of any five classes during the year
For June, July & August
Bring a Friend and both pay $20 each!
Sign up for both monthly classes at the first meeting of the two and pay $20 for each class.

July Meetings: July 11 & 18, 7:30 to 9 pm

August Meetings: August 15 & 22, 7:30 to 9 pm

Register at the door.

Class is held at the Cleargreen studio:
10812A Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232

Cross street Midway (between Overland and Sepulveda). Parking on Midway, Oregon and Arizona. Go to the glass door and walk up the stairs to the studio. Map

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