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Cyclicity 4: Gratitude


A Tensegrity® Classes Series

Cyclicity 4:


December 2017 to February 2018

Guided by Tensegrity® Facilitators-in-Training in Collaboration with Cleargreen

In Local Practice Groups Worldwide

…The warrior-traveler’s only way to say thank you… is by this act of magic: of storing in his silence whatever he loves.

– Don Juan Matus, to Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity

Throughout our lives there are so many gifts from life itself, from others, from ourselves that to acknowledge and count them all would take the lifetime we have already lived. Those infinitesimal short moments when we stop to feel the rain upon our face, or to acknowledge a being who opened doors for us, or a loss that opened us to greater compassion and presence in the here and now.

These are among the gifts of life, the abundance that we daily receive, which if we categorize into ‘good’ moments or ‘bad,’ steal the beauty of life’s journey and the ability to feel and accept the ebb and flow of circumstance and time.

A warrior-traveler makes it his or her sublime task to be grateful for all of life’s experience – and in so doing approaches the journey of life with a mood of awe.

In this class, led by Tensegrity® Facilitators in training, we will practice magical passes—centering movements and breaths—and awareness exercises to help each of us develop a practice of gratitude—which includes being able to both give and receive thanks—so that we might see the paths we and others have walked, and the world, more and more, through our inner seer’s eyes.

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Classes approximately one and a half hours each and will take place at registered Tensegrity® practice groups, guided by Facilitators-in-Training.

Precise class meeting dates and times determined by local practice groups.

For information and registration: Please contact individual participating practice groups coming soon…


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