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Cyclicity 11: Honoring our Partners – Past and Present

A Tensegrity® Class Series

Honoring our Partners – Past and Present

Cyclicity 11

December 2017 to February 2018

Guided by Tensegrity® Facilitators/Facilitators-in-Training
in Collaboration with Cleargreen

In Local Practice Groups Worldwide


Our partners are some of the most important people in our lives. We make some of our strongest commitments with them, depend upon them as we do no other, and are often willing to go the ‘extra mile’ for them.

Our ‘partners’ can take different forms; they have been and can be a special plant and animal, as well as a human being. For the purpose of this class, we will be focusing on our human partners now.

Carlos Castaneda’s teacher, don Juan Matus, corroborates this unique union by describing energetically what happens between partners:

… the emanations encased inside the cocoon of both partners undergo a profound agitation, the culminating point of which is a merging, a fusing of two pieces of their glow of awareness, one from each partner…

In other words, partnering creates a ‘third’ entity, whether that takes the form of a child, a binding philosophy, a shared appreciation, a lasting creative project, and/or a common goal.

Being in continuous, close proximity with another human being provides a wealth of opportunity for perceptual depth and growth.

If we take the less conscious road of forming judgments, assumptions, and conclusions about our loved one, we build distance and remain in the cocoon of ourselves.

If we practice acceptance of the ebbs and flows of our partner’s journey, as well as our own, and remind ourselves that we both are on a tour of awareness in this life – of learning, expanding beyond our limitations, and exploring new avenues for change – then the ‘we’ we first formed can fully unfold.

In this series of experiential classes, we will explore these topics and more.

Through Tensegrity® movement, theatrical play, and self-inquiry, we will:

Grow in empathy of our partner – past or current – by playing scenes about them in the Theater of Infinity®, where we will first adopt the role of ourselves, them, then ourselves again, inspired and renewed;

Neutralize fluctuating, and often conflicting, complaints we may have about our partner;

Determine what traits we share with our loved one in order to acknowledge, share responsibility, and/or crystallize the purity of our past or present bond;

Take part in a ‘ceremony of renewal,’ where we will understand what this particular bond meant and why we came together, so as to release any unnecessary elements and intend forward new life for all involved.

To take part in this class series, you need not be in a current relationship. It will be your choice to focus on a past or current partnership, knowing that what we process from our history, carries forward to our present and future.

Let’s expand beyond our often narrow and confining view we have of our partners. In freeing them, we free ourselves!

* * *

Classes approximately 1.5 hours each and will take place at registered Tensegrity® practice groups, guided by Facilitators-in-Training.

Precise class meeting dates and times determined by local practice groups.

For information and registration: Please contact individual participating practice groups coming soon…

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