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Cyclicity 3: In Silence, Sensing the Moon

A Tensegrity® Class Series

In Silence, Sensing the Moon

Cyclicity 3

Four Class Meetings
90 minutes each
September – November, 2017

Taught by Tensegrity® Facilitators & Facilitators-in-Training
in local practice groups worldwide

. . . . .The light from a large silvery moon shone through the broad leaves of banana palms as Taisha Abelar, Carlos Castaneda and two of their students walked through the Botanical Garden at UCLA.
. . . . .“Let’s sense the moon!” Taisha said.
. . . . .“Start with feeling the earth as you walk,” Carlos added. “Put your attention on the movement of your steps. We urbanites have forgotten this, true?” he chuckled. “But we could remember!”
. . . . .They walked in this manner through the meandering and densely foliated trails until they came upon an open, empty amphitheater with seats arranged in a crescent around a small stage. The full moon’s brightness gleamed upon them completely as they sat down in the highest row.
. . . . .“Close your eyes,” Taisha said. “Breathe in the moonlight.”
. . . . .They sat for some time in quiet, breathing the light.
. . . . .“Now take this,” Taisha said, “and see what comes to you—see what you receive from the moon.”
. . . . .As they started making their way back through the garden path, a cascade of images came to one of them—she told Taisha and Carlos.
. . . . .The other student thanked them and said, “I feel a lightness to my step. I feel the lightness of silence.”
. . . . .“Yes, the moon pulls our perceptions the way it pulls on the tides,” Carlos said, “calling things from the sea within us. Write the images down tonight, when you get home. And also note your dreams tonight, you may see something there.”
. . . . .They remembered their dreams that night, and the nights that followed, and they tracked them over time, some dreams they had long held in their heart’s desire.

The ancients, our ancestors, followed the movements of earth and sky with wonder and great care, living their lives in alignment with the subtle openings, flowerings and closings of their many cycles, and recognizing that through the contrast of continuing change, they could tap into their, timeless, changeless essence.

In this sequence of classes, we will practice a series of kinesthetic movement called The Revolving Moon Form to still the mind and align with the movements of the moon. Entering deeply into each phase, we will ask for inspiration and guidance on a chosen topic of our heart’s dreams, in this way sensing our essence through ‘sensing the moon’ and bringing its cyclic wisdom into our daily lives.

We will have four classes, each timed with and devoted to a phase of the moon—the New, First Quarter, Full and Last Quarter Moons.

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This class will be taught by Tensegrity® Facilitators and Facilitators-in-Training.

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Precise class meeting dates and times determined by local practice groups.

For information and registration: Please contact individual participating practice groups.


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