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Love for Corry Bosch



We received news of the passing yesterday of a beloved member of our community, Corry Bosch, who lived in Nuenen, Netherlands. Her bright spirit and smile and words of encouragement for all of us made us feel so very supported and inspired. Her kindness and wisdom stand as an example and beacon for us all on how to share, love and dream with others, and to live life with zest and care. We wish you a journey that mirrors your loving and caring life here.

We are grateful to Tensegrity® Facilitator and Cosponsor in the Netherlands Carine Xanjuste for this beautiful tribute below, which is followed by a remembrance from Nyei Murez. Please feel free to share your thoughts and wishes for Corry here as well.

With love,

All at Cleargreen


Corry was a beautiful spirit.
 She told me many times how grateful she was to the colleague who had given her the first book of Carlos Castaneda, many years ago. 
She has walked her path with heart ever since, working on her personal history and recapitulating her life.
 From the moment she discovered Tensegrity® in 1997, she has felt at home in the Tensegrity® community, which she considered her second family.

She worked for many years as a nurse in several hospitals.
 In her forties she decided to go the university to study Sociology. 
She worked as a sociologist on the field of eldercare and dementia and wrote in 1996 an appreciated handbook: ‘Familiarity – a study on the environment of people with dementia’ in which she discussed the idea of ‘what is reality?’ seen from the perspective of the demented person. 
She founded a team in the Netherlands to work on quality in nursing care.

Often she inspired people with her wise insights. “If you cannot change it, you better accept it and use your energy to get a new view”, was often her advice when she heard someone complain. She then quoted “an old Indian” and helped the person to find a new view. She did this till the very end.
 On one of her days in the hospital, where she was given a chemo for the tumor in her lung, she shared the room with a Moroccan old man and his son. The son was complaining about many things and felt so miserable because of the cancer of his father. After having observed father and son, Corry gave her best advice to the son: “As you cannot change now the situation of the illness of your father, you can better accept it and use your time and energy to have a good time together”. 
The young man was deeply impressed by this old lady, who looked so optimistic, having a tumor herself! They talked furthermore and he ended up his day, sharing beautiful memories with his father. Before leaving he thanked Corry and left in a complete different mood.

Corry loved people, was always curious about their lives and showed a great interest in whoever she met.
 She traveled a lot and loved this planet in all its diverse shapes, cultures and beings. Traveling with Corry was a joy.
 She often expressed her gratefulness for “IT”, as she said, looking up to the immensity that surrounds us.

 She was prepared to leave this life. I could freely talk with her about it.
 She had taken her measurements to be able to go, free from fear or unfinished things. 
In her garden she cherished a stone, she had found on one of her voyages. The stone had the form of a skull.
 It was placed in front of her window, where she had placed her seat for meditation.
 Daily the stone helped her to be conscious of her end, that could be any moment as she often told me.
 And still it surprised me, to find her gone yesterday.

I cherish so many beautiful moments with her, as I am sure we all do.
 I know her journey is continuing out there, and I am grateful that her path crossed mine one day.

  • Carine Xanjust


I remember after the Brother Moon, Sister Moon Tensegrity® workshop in the Netherlands, the women from the local practice groups got together for a special practice and conversation. Someone asked a question about menopause. I think I (a 30-something facilitator at the time) tried to say something wise and helpful about it, when Corry, the most senior woman in the room, piped in, “I would like to say something about that!”

“Yes, please!” the group voiced in unison.

With  vigor and passion, she said, “I just want to tell all of you that you have nothing to fear with this transition! I have so much energy, and I never felt more free to explore and travel and dream. I know what I care about and I can put my energy into it! And you can do the same!”

There were smiles, and maybe even tears of joy and relief in the room as we thanked Corry for sharing this with us. I am ever more grateful today as I enter the age of the community elder, and hope I can follow Corry’s joyful generosity with younger friends.

Another time in Amsterdam, she came to me before a workshop session with a twinkle in her eye and pressed a small velvet bag into my palm–I opened it to find a little sky blue box, which held inside a gold pin that was shaped like a fan, or a peacock’s tail, light pieces woven together with artful filigree. She smiled and said “This is like you–your energy when you are giving a class!”

I was moved by this unexpected gift, at being seen for my best. I am ever more moved by it today and my intent is to let  this lightness of sharing that she saw in me shine brightly, in honor of her. Thank you Corry. I love you so much.

• Nyei Murez



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