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Introduction to: Level I Tensegrity® Facilitator Training



Introduction to:

Level I Tensegrity® Facilitator Training

February 24, 2017
At Wolf Connection

In conjunction with the Tensegrity® Workshop
A Journey of Reconnection:
A Shaman’s Retreat

February 24, 25 & 26, 2017

“Impeccability is the wise use of energy.”

Don Juan Matus to Carlos Castaneda

The word “impeccable” comes from the Latin “im + peccare,” which means “not wandering off the path.” It refers to the concept of knowing what our true path is, and isn’t. Impeccability is the journey of learning to stay aligned with Source, doing our best in whatever we are guided to do.

This mood of impeccability is the basis of a functioning and effective Tensegrity® community. This is a structure where each member does one’s best, accounts for one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and takes responsibility for one’s own part – and ultimately appreciates one’s own and others’ contributions.

The word ‘tensegrity’ was coined by Buckminster Fuller to describe the adaptive structural functioning of natural and architectural systems. Carlos Castaneda borrowed the term to describe the same functioning of energy and awareness within the individual, and within groups. These are the principles we are exploring in Level I.

Specifically, we will investigate, individually and together

  • What is a Tensegrity® Facilitator?
  • What is my daily Tensegrity® and awareness practice?
  • What is Tensegrity® in action, within a practice group/ community setting?
  • What gifts and strengths do I bring to my practice community? What personal drawbacks or challenges do I need to address?

This training is a practicum in which you will:

** Give six cycles of the following Cleargreen-sponsored Tensegrity® classes, as a work-study exchange. Topics center around cycles in our lives and the establishing of a link between your students and their greater consciousness inside; topics include:

  • Cyclicity: Beginnings and Endings – January-March 2017
  • Cyclicity 2: In Silence, Sensing the Moon – April-June 2017
  • Cyclicity 3: Nurturance – September-November 2017
  • Cyclicity 4: Silence – December-February 2018
  • Cyclicity 5: Gratitude – March-May 2018
  • Cyclicity 6: Leadership – September-November 2018
  • Cyclicity 7 (optional): The Lightness of being – December-February 2019

To help you through your journey, there will be six private Tensegrity® sessions and two small group sessions (in person, or via Skype or Webex): with a Tensegrity® Instructor, focusing on creating and maintaining an individualized daily practice of self-awareness, self-inquiry skills, personal accountability your role as a Facilitator and coordinating successfully with other Facilitators and your students.

This first training will include practicing Magical Passes®, individual and group tracking.

Who can attend?

This training is open to practitioners who:

Attended at least two prior Cleargreen Tensegrity® workshops, acting as a current Practice Group Representative or assistant to current Facilitators-in-Training during locally-given, Cleargreen-sponsored classes; in good standing with your local registered group and with Cleargreen.

If you do not fit this description yet feel you belong in this training, we encourage you to please write us a brief note describing your situation and experience with your group and why you are interested in this training, and send it to facilitators@cleargreen.com as soon as you can and no later than February 18, 2017, and we will respond promptly.

More information on the Tensegrity® Facilitator Training.


Saturday, February 24, 10 am to 1 pm PST


To register fill out fully and completely, to the best of your ability, the questionnaire here , no later than February 18. Your actual admittance to the training will be contingent on completing this preparation on time. Please make sure to send your questionnaire in English only.

Upon review of your questionnaire we will let you know of your admission within two weeks, and after you will be sent a link to register for the training. To attend this training you have to also register to the workshop event…

The registration fee is $100

The training will be given in English only.

Please register early to start as early as possible to plan the Cyclicity classes to be held between January and March 2017.

Your first Cyclicity Classes of this new round are to be given January through March.
To help you maintain this schedule, your Cyclicity Classes will be sent to you immediately upon registration to this training.

Note: Cleargreen reserves the right to refuse admission at any time.

Cancellation Policies:
Before the start of the event: Refunds or credits will be available less a $50 administration fee. After the start of event, no refunds or credits available.

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