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  1. Thank you for the class!!

    Because of slowly moving assamblage point I had difficulty finding scenese durring the class, however the scenese came just as the class was finishing. Indeed, these moments were of body position of opening and breathing, relaxed and lively alert and letting go of the social mask from my shoulders, as well as discovering new areas of awe, completely overlooked before…
    One such scene was, i was at the cinema watching an Italian film called Ochi Chernie. There were two lovers, one in Italy and the other, gypsy in Russia. At some point in the film the otherwise conservatively brought up Italian had to let go and leave all fears behind and find his lover amongst the gypsies in the foreign land (if i remember correctly) and he went through lots of trouble but at the point when he rushed to meet her there was this incredible music, some strings playing waltz and the wind and at the same time there was this very fresh clear breeze in the semi-empty cinema and i felt this incredible beauty and this mood of let go, and i remember taking it outside and starting to appreciate this 19 century romantic music that i never scorned and never felt before deeply. Indeed i can recall this mood and bring it in here! Thank you!

    Here below in the article are very interesting observations about water from an unusual explorer:

  2. sorry for typos *that i scorned and never felt before deeply
    amongst others

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