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  1. spiralstaircase says:

    I found the overall experience to be of a most intimate energy which helped to create an environment of oneness and trust. This seemed to help especially with the Theatre of Infinity. Lying on the floor with our heads together during our dream journey was exquisite.I felt taken away into the vision of one of my team by listening to the most wonderful description of a musical dream. I liked especially the ability by the larger group to change intensities during the Cat Movements, the nice drumming changing and anticipating the suddenly clawing matching the Intent of the final sequence. I also felt a spirit of equality among the , beginners, seasoned practitioners,facilitators and our wonderful teacher. At the Museum I was able to track energy, surprisingly for a fairly long time. Before losing the trail I felt for an instant the previous Intent of Others who had preceded us. Outside when we walked as a group beside the pit I picked up the trail again sensing in a subtle nature the energy beneath my feet before losing the sensation after a few minutes. Saturday night while back in my hotel room I felt another kind of energy, a concern of which I could only describe as a kind of urgency and a wave of abstract sadness. I’m not particularly pleased with my overall performance and inability to maintain a more consistent vitality in my day to day life. Also the reality of for a brief moment in time I felt this wave as a wishful purpose to carry forward in some small way a tradition which has benefitted us in innumerable ways. I felt the purpose for a moment of others who passed on these abstract ideas and feelings. I felt them speaking to me to be impeccable and for us to work together, support each other, better, to make sure in the future time that others, long after we are gone will make the same journey of discovery we are now experiencing.

  2. mpushkina says:

    First of all, I would like to thank all the participants and Cleargreen for that wonderful workshop!
    And a very special thank to both of my witnesses!
    I loved our little group of three! They were very attentive and affectionate.

    This workshop was a challenge for me. I arrived to the workshop with a great amount of pain . But by the 3d quarter of the day I suddenly felt much better. I was able to take my brace out and practice with everybody normally. That was a real miracle! I think it’s related to The Saber-Toothed Cat of Vitality and the collective intent of the group to get to the state of the best vitality. I remember how Reni said that this creature is very strong. It caught my attention. I was doing this pass and stalking my internal dialog about how much I desire to be a strong creature! How much I am tired of being in pain and struggle with the pain. I was imagining myself as that creature. While Reni was describing a tiger, how strong is his muscles, I felt an admiration and affection to that animal. I noticed how my internal dialog turned into the intent to be healthy and strong. The mind got quiet and I turned into a walking intent. The drums made the effect stronger cause its a big pleasure to feel the rhythm and move along with that with the silent mind. I felt complete, sober, focused while did that pass with the drums. Even more focused when the pain went away.

    To track the cycles of the day was a bit challenging to me cause most of the days I am not healthy. I noticed a very big compassion from my witnesses while I was telling them that. Turned out that I am not the only one who can’t sleep a regular 8 hours per night. It’s quiet a challenge to go through the day after a bad night sleep. They told me that they have to take a nap during the day as well. The key was the Reni’s word about not to judge yourself, cause I felt bad like it would be my fault. I noticed my internal dialog that even the aging is somehow my fault. Some kind of logic was in it, that I didn’t do enough passes or recapitulation, or didn’t try hard and here it is – my fault that I am showing the signs of aging!
    I absolutely loved the Meeting the Earth Form! It was so powerful for me for the stopping the internal dialog! I felt the oneness with the Earth and the whole group! It was wonderfully quiet!

    When Reni read to us about the fire, I heard her voice and couldn’t recognize it. It was like she would talk through a wall of water. I could hear her but I hardly could stay awake and keep the focus. Then I clearly heard how she said to grab an assignment for your “dreaming stage today” on the way out. I came out and started to look for it but people told me that nothing like that were said and there is no assignment for a dreaming stage. I left that room with a sense of wonder and mystery. It was Saturday night. I walked on the street silently and happy, no pain. On the sidewalk I saw something shiny about half the size of the palm. It was the glittery heart with the rhinestone falling inside the heart. I saw it as an allegory of the assemblage point entering the heart. What a chance to find something like this on the street! At that moment I saw the world as a continuing of our intentions and of our inner world. As a group we all worked on the moving the assemblage point to our hearts that day. I felt that the world is no longer a chaos but something what is reflecting my inner world. The world as the continuing of our inner self, our dream.

    It was not easy to focus on the achievements at first. I know that there were a lot throughout my life but somehow only a few kept crossing my mind. I saw how I am getting an award for my short movie, then I saw how I am getting my apartment and how happy I was to attend real Carlos Castaneda’s workshops. But mostly life had left in me the sense of constant endless struggle. When we laid head to head and start talking, I realized that the biggest achievement was to enter the state of creativity. I loved to do art so much that it stopped being matter if I get any award for it or anybody will even notice that I am doing it. All what matters just to do it! I told to my group and they supported me to dream that forward.

    At the museum I saw an allegory of a stuck assemblage point in the human form.
    I saw that ancient creatures stuck in that tar and was thinking that the tar for me is everything what doesn’t let my assemblage point move freely. The tar is very sticky and hard, but still flexible enough to move.

    The other amazing part of this workshop were people! I am not much of a people’s person. I was mostly shy my whole life, not very communicative, preferred to be alone. But this time I was different. I had an open heart full of a good feelings towards people. I felt how much we are all united by one goal! How much of a heart everybody has!
    I loved to meet with people of my group of three. (I wish I would give you guys my email (mpushkina2002@yahoo.com). Thank you, Monica and Robert! Thank you, Alice, Najiba and Reni! Thank you, Dean and Gerard! It was great to meet again with Rodrigo (even tho we’ve meet before). It was great to meet and talk to Don! Thanks to the person who helped me to look for my organizer along with Don! (with the dog). Right before going to the airport I’ve met Mark. Turned out we stayed at the same hotel. I wouldn’t meet him if we both didn’t forget our organizers at the room. The rain were pouring but we were protected by the porch. I felt like I was fully awake while talking to him. He amazed me, everything he was saying were having a response deep in my heart. He was practicing from 1993! I was thrilled by that! It was an honer to meet with him and to hear his experience of a long life of practice. I felt very honored to know all of you, guys!

  3. On Saturday, everyone met at Cleargreen, a nice, amiable group, I found a feeling of comaraderie and openess.
    Nyei and Jake began with introductions and movements, the practitioners in the room had a great sense of unity and the energy unifying. As we practiced the cat movement over and over, there was a change from the everyday to the other world, the world of the saber tooth, at once leading us all into a sense of the ancient. I felt a boost from the movements and I saw beings in the room that were doing their best to create a sense of their own well being but also the group as a larger being connected to the whole.

    I saw new people and a saw those who have been with Tensegrity for many years. Together I felt a unity and a connection to the greater filaments that led out into the universe. It seems this happened rather quickly on Saturday.

    Building our scenes and opening up to those in our small circles was timid at first but, we built a trust and fluidity amongst the three of us that opened each of us up to the other. Sharing our stories and doing the movements in between scene work drew each of us deeper to the core of the scene and our relationship to ourselves and others which the scene was about. Our sharing of old/new scenes progressed from the outer layers of perceptions to the deeper under lying layers in which each of us gained a greater understanding of ourselves and those in our scenes. Playing ourselves and others gave us new insight.

    I know I gained a greater insight into my own need to control things and that by quieting my expectations and listening more before jumping to conclusions or preconceived ideas of “my way is the right way”. These came from my mother and my grandmother who were very strong matriarchs but were also not open to criticism or other possibilities. Theatre of Infinity gave me the tools to look at things with many eyes. A circle of awareness, rather than, the narrowness of “my way”.

    I liked the recapitulation walk as it allowed those fibers to loosen up and stuck crusty judgements and expectations to fall away.

    Meeting the Earth Form, led by Teo brought a close to the first day. The gentle caressing of the earth and all her energy was a way of surrendering all my concern over being right all the time. At the day’s end I was after all a being living on earth. Gazing into the flame gave rise to an ancient part of me that connected to a simplicity and a deep gratitude for all living things.

    Our dream circle was like going on a carnival ride with all our dreaming as being possible. We all shared our dreams without self doubt, shame or guilt attached. The sky was the limit. Dreams of creating art, to being able to seeing the luminous in living things, to bringing our family and friends closer together. It was an end to a day of much activity and exploration. I was tired, needless to say, my body was tired but my dreams were vivid, lively and very colorful.

    On Sunday, we met at Cleargreen studio to connect again through the Saber Tiger movements and we went by vans to the La Brea Tar Pits. Walking around the museum in silence helped me connect to the ancient, seeing how long we have been in existence on the planet and that the asphalt (turns out tar is not the word for it) preserved these bones of many life forms. Seeing the skeletal forms of the bison, ST tiger, mammoth, wolves, camels, sloths and many others gave me a deep appreciation for those who keep these stories alive for new generations. Thanks for the museum being there! Walking around on the grounds seeing the asphalt coming out of the ground realizing we were standing on a pool of fossilized beings also gave me a sense of my own mortality and that my time on earth is but a fleeting moment in time. Deep appreciation.

    Ending with our Dream Journey was reconnecting with our links made the night before and heads together we went further in our visions. I made a connection with one of our circle members in carrying forward a dream that we have in common. I have some experience with an aspect of one of the dreamed ideas and I am now helping out with it.

    I have been doing the STT form everyday now, and following the intensities of my day. I stop and ask myself how I feel, do I have the energy to do this next task, or should I wait until I have more energy, or do this at another time. Keeping mental notes of what came before and what’s up ahead that I need to plan for. More patience and understanding this week with things at home, my spouse, and work activities. I know I have family activities coming up and I’m dreaming forward a stress free visit and coming home with energy not being depleted as in the past.

    I want to thank Cleargreen and it’s teachers, Nyei Murez, Jake Allen, Teo Alfero for guiding us throughout the weekend and giving us more tools to take care of ourselves and our energies. Thanks to the Facilitators that were also present in contributing their sobriety and their intent in making the rest of us feel confident in the movements and in our tracking. I’m sure it made a difference. Jake, you’re an awesome driver!!! One more thing is that I enjoyed the smaller, more intimate group and while sitting around the lunch table at the Brazilian BBQ nearby, there was a unanimous consensus that the small groups were the best!

    Thanks again! You’re Awesome and keep on dreaming!

  4. Всем добрый день!
    Май, Мехико Сити, семинар – Живя с Возможностью ‘Да!’ – событие, которое наполнило меня благоговением. Для меня каждый семинар это кульминационный момент, когда я могу проверить себя, посмотреть на других и окунуться в мир безупречности, потому что участники Тенсегрити семинаров становятся другими – открытыми, светлыми, чувствующими существами. Находиться в коллективе таких людей за пределами внутреннего диалога – настоящая удача. И я благодарен Духу за то, что он привел меня на этот путь.
    Этот семинар позволил посмотреть на себя и других по-новому. Я увидел существо наполненное любовью, существо, которое знает и вокруг меня были такие же существа излучающие свет. Весь семинар прошел на одном дыхании. Я очень благодарен Cleargreen и организаторам этого события в Мехико Сити за тот шанс, который получил каждый участник семинара.
    Отличная организация семинара – место, зал, звук… всё. Безупречно проделанная работа. Спасибо.
    Дмитрий Ерашов.

  5. hermannfokken says:

    With the Heat series I had trouble because I think too much, it is I have sometimes lack of self- confidence and silence.

    The water form – although very often practiced – brought me great joy of movement.
    A YES – moment I have told:
    I took over the supervision of my neighbor’s house his trip. Now I came from a Tensegrity® event, looked into the house to see if everything is in order and met his old mother.
    I noticed immediately: there is a connection between us. I sat down and we talked a long time. It was a very special moment.
    I want to cultivate this mood thereafter.

    In my NO moment on we played theater, it was about my “big” mountain of activities I have to do – or in other words on my to – do – list that sometimes “not fun” does. My game generated amusement because it really corresponded to my mood. Worked out we have that I: * let my day begin at the evening before so I am dream forward it; * split up what I do into small units * orientate myself on good results.

    In Reni’s meditation on the Church brought me an impression that the ancients – the builders of the Church – wanted to show me what kind of mood they have worked on.
    They showed that they were with each of its fibers in their activities, the possibility of abandonment or to do something else did not exist, they were willing to take suggestions but inwardly totally composed, secure in their community and unbending aligned.
    Here I can learn something.
    Now it goes quite well with my plans.

    Among many other suggestions, I also learned about interactions: I can see my partner, to fathom his willingness to communicate at the moment and adjust to it. I will continue to track it.

    Thank you for this wonderful workshop!

  6. Riguardo a Paestum e il Destino

    Durante la mappatura coricati, mi cullavano le parole di una canzone dolcissima, e continuava a girarmi nella testa il senso delle parole della poesia di Cesar Vallejo, morirò a Parigi, sarà un giorno di pioggia qualunque, morirò, e sarà un giovedì. Sentivo presente il mio morire, mi ha investito una incontrollabile nostalgia, le lacrime hanno cominciato a scendere mentre Jim si aggirava ed osservava tutti quanti intorno.
    Mi sono chiesta che ne sarebbe stato di questo mio essere che muore, e subito mi sono vista staccare dal corpo fisico coricato, vedevo e sentivo i miei piedi di luce toccare una superficie poco distante dal mio corpo fisico e subito dopo volavo con due grandissime ali, sapevo che me ne stavo andando in un altro mondo e sapevo che anche lì avrei fatto di nuovo quello che avevo fatto qui: ho visto il mio essere porre piccoli semi di luce nel corpo delle altre persone e poi questi semi germogliare in sottili strutture di linee di luce e crescere come i rami degli alberi. Sapevo che quelle strutture di luce avrebbero continuato a germogliare nelle persone anche quando me ne sarei andata, e questo era il senso del mio essere, quello che avevo fatto da sempre senza nemmeno saperlo, e quello che avrei continuato a fare.
    Mi è quindi sovvenuto naturale chiedermi da dove viene questa mia energia e come potevo comprendere di più su me stessa e questo mio essere.

    Ho anche chiaramente compreso il messaggio del mio doppio di tenere presente questa mia natura che lascia piccole tracce di energie negli altri in ogni interazione, sapevo che il mio doppio voleva che lo tenessi presente sempre in ogni istante della mia vita che ancora mi rimane qui, sopratutto nelle interazioni con persone che non mi piacciono o che mi fanno arrabbiare, come ad esempio quando mi arrabbio con l’idraulico o con gli inquilini che non pagano. Pensando a ciò mi sono resa conto quanto questa verità sul mio essere mi aveva cambiato e stava cambiando la mia esistenza.

    Il giorno dopo nella visita ai templi, accanto credo al primo tempio visitato quello di Athena, una lunga fila di resti ha attirato la mia attenzione, continuavo a guardare il tempio e poi i resti senza capire perché il mio essere voleva dirmi qualcosa, poi ho capito, se volevo trovare la mia origine, l’origine e il senso della mia energia e di questo mio vagare per l’universo creando strutture di luce, dovevo rimettere insieme i miei pezzi e ricostruire il mio tempio.

    Durante il viaggio di ritorno con Ivana abbiamo dovuto cambiare treno a Battipaglia, e accanto all’uscita Ivana si è messa a parlare con una signora a proposito della convenienza di cambiare a Salerno piuttosto che a Battipaglia. Lei ha sconsigliato Salerno per il troppo caos, e poi ci ha chiesto da dove venivamo, quando le abbiamo spiegato che venivamo da un seminario dei Passi Magici di Castaneda lei improvvisamente si è messa le mani nei capelli esclamando “che incontro!”, pareva piuttosto sconvolta di averci incontrato lì in quel momento. Ci ha chiesto di spiegarle di più riguardo ai passi magici, e Ivana le ha detto che poteva chiederlo a me che ero io la facilitatrice. Siamo salite insieme sul treno da Battipaglia a Napoli e ci siamo sedute vicine. Il suo nome è Annamaria, si è seduta accanto a me e immediatamente è apparso nelle sue mani un quaderno con una penna, le ho chiesto cosa faceva con quello e mi ha risposto: “prendo appunti!”. Era straordinariamente desiderosa di saperne di più dei passi magici. Mi ha detto che aveva letto Castaneda, e mi ha parlato di sé e della sua vita, mi ha detto che aveva sessant’anni, anche se ne dimostrava quaranta o cinquanta, e che sapeva che le rimanevano solo dieci anni per ritrovare la sua energia e che non sapeva come fare. Mi ha detto che nel corso della sua vita un odio terribile per l’ex marito che l’aveva allontanata dai tre figli l’aveva distrutta, che voleva liberarsi di quell’odio che aveva duramente segnato la sua vita ma che non sapeva come fare, e che stava cercando nelle discipline spirituali un modo per liberarsene. Le prime parole che ha scritto sul suo quaderno sono state Taisha Abelar, il titolo del suo libro e la parola “ricapitolazione”. Quando le ho spiegato lentamente come poteva recuperare la sua energia e l’ho rassicurata sul fatto che se lo intendeva inflessibilmente poteva superare le difficoltà che avrebbe incontrato, e che avrebbe potuto chiamarmi se ne aveva bisogno, e che avrebbe quindi potuto negli ultimi dieci anni che ancora lei stessa si dava di vita recuperare la sua energia e liberarsi di quel blocco e ritrovare la sua interezza, ci siamo entrambe commosse all’unisono. Poi lei mi ha detto che sapeva che avrebbe dovuto liberarsi dall’odio con l’amore ma che il suo cuore era chiuso ed esaurito e che non sapeva come fare. Allora le ho raccontato il mio stesso sogno appena avuto al seminario, qui sopra riportato, con la rivelazione che in ogni nostra interazione quotidiana noi lasciamo tracce di energia negli altri, e che se tenevamo presente ciò continuamente tutto poteva solo cambiare. Poi le ho detto che sapevo che era questo che lei voleva sentirsi dire, ci siamo guardate negli occhi a lungo in silenzio mentre le lacrime scorrevano negli occhi di entrambe.
    In seguito a Napoli lei ci ha offerto qualcosa al bar, ci siamo scambiate i numeri di telefono e poi se ne è andata. Io e Ivana avevamo la pelle d’oca, io quasi percepivo muoversi l’energia tutto intorno alla mia schiena. Era accaduto esattamente quello che avevo sognato, era come se il doppio mi dicesse questo è quello che fai e questo è il tuo destino.

    Morirò a Parigi in un giorno di pioggia,
    in un giorno che già mi ricordo.
    Morirò a Parigi – non fuggirò –
    forse d’autunno, un giovedì, come oggi.

    Cesar Vallejo

  7. La partecipazione al seminario a Paestum è stata un’esperienza molto bella e intensa. Mettere in scena il teatro dell’infinito è stato, ancora una volta, magico ed efficace;.infatti uno dei miei compagni, mentre recitava il ruolo che gli avevo assegnato, (di mia madre), ha fatto emergere dettagli importanti, presenti nella mia scena reale, ma di cui io non avevo parlato, perché non li ricordavo affatto. Anche giocare agli animali è stato nuovo e interessante: in quanto marmotta ero molto spaventata da uno dei mie compagni: la sua vicinanza mi faceva sentire in pericolo, percepivo che quell’ “essere” era un predatore per la mia condizione/specie. Sentivo/vedevo che il mio compagno era una pantera…in seguito lui me l’ha confermato. Durante l’uscita in spiaggia, dalle stelle ho ricevuto il mio nome stellare, che all’inizio mi ha lasciata perplessa e un po’ delusa: mi aspettavo un nome importante e un po’ esotico, ma mi è arrivato un nome molto “normale” e comune. Quando ne ho letto il significato, ho capito il messaggio delle stelle. L’esperienza nella grotta è stata unica. Appena entrata, le insolite sagome delle rocce mi incutevano timore. Poi la mia percezione li ha viste trasformarsi in simpatici folletti oppure in esseri scintillanti, provenienti da altri pianeti, i quali ci osservavano incuriositi quando facevamo i passi magici. Ad un certo punto del nostro viaggio sotteraneo, ho “sentito di ritrovarmi” nell’utero materno, cullata dal liquido amniotico e questo mi ha ” ricordato” quanto stessi bene in quella condizione, prima di nascere. Un saluto e un grazie a tutti. Barbara.

  8. Feedback of the workshop in Paestum: Jump into the abyss

    It was a very intensive workshop.

    It began with the preparation task. Before I did it, I always looked at the child of about 5 years, which was very sad. Doing my preparation task I began to see the 10 or 11 year old child, which was very courageous, strong, powerful und full of energy. I loved her and I felt happy.

    At the workshop on Friday when we were playing animals, I choose a horse. In the little moment, before I fall asleep in the night, I saw a group of wild horses, galloping through wildness, full of energy, full of joy, full of love and so beautiful.

    On Saturday evening, at the beach, I looked at the stars and I thought: “They are so many, and they are only there, nothing else.
    And I felt, that also my parents and my ancestors were there, connected to each other and connected with me.

    And I looked at the practitioners. They also were so many and they were just there, connected with the stars, and connected with me.

    The next morning I awakened early I was still occupied with my scene of the “No” as adult, which we witnessed Saturday evening

    So I decided to get up and go to the beach to swim.

    So I did and swimming in the sea I became happy again. Suddenly I heard myself asking: “Should I ask for a name.” In front of me in the water I saw a luminous glimpse, the color was yellow to turquoise, and it seemed to be part of a star. And the word “Stella” appeared.

    When we went to the beach on Sunday I watched the waves and they told me: “Up and down, up and down, a never ending process. Without down there is no up and it is no need and no sense to judge one of them.

    I realized, being connected with my energy body, with the stars, with my family and with the other practitioners, I can love myself and I have all I need. I am not isolated and nor separated and I don´t have fear or panic about anything.

    This is really my jump into the abyss.

    Thank you all so much
    Kirin Stella

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