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  1. Since the class, yesterday, I am more conscious about the sensations in my chest and belly, when I walk, talk, and how these sensation are constantly changing and how good it is to have the tools, to breathe in my abdomen, heart area and upper lungs, and become centered, again.
    I like the guided meditation of Reni, very much.

    With each kind of compliment, beauty, intelligence, support, my body reacted differently and the compliment of beauty was the only one, I found difficult to accept.

    And then, I was also touched to realise how connected our work is: The scene of compliments, I worked with, was a scene, when my father made a compliment, which I was not able to accept. Now, preparing the Cyclicity 10 classes, I am working on polishing my link with my father, and what I came to see yesterday in the Online Class, was another very important aspect in the relationship with my father.

    When we were in silence, receiving the sentence or glimpse of our energybody, I felt that I have a kind of energetic shield around my body, I had built, out of fear of receiving a compliment about my beauty, and when I could see from my energy body, that I am a strong and beautiful being, this shield seemed to melt away and I felt my inner core, becoming stronger, more present.

    Thank you.
    With affection,

  2. serge8ant says:

    Seit langem war ich mal wieder alleine beim Onlinekurs. Ich machte die Bewegungen im Sitzen und erinnerte mich an einen Workshop in Rom, wo wir ähnliche Bewegungen ausführten. Dort kamen wir in 3-Gruppen zusammen. Wir waren eine tolle Gruppe, besonders sympathisch war mir ein Italiener, den ich dort kennen lernte.

    Die Öffnung des Brustkorbs ist sicherlich eines meiner Hauptthemen. Die Weite im Brustkorb, die ich durch diese Übung bekam, war äußerst angenehm. 2 Tage später machte ich, wie so oft in letzter Zeit, noch eine andere Übung für den Brustkorb. Plötzlich fühlte sich mein Brustkorb in der Herzgegend nicht nur warm an, sondern dieser Bereich wurde unglaublich heiß. Mich hindert oft daran Anerkennung anzunehmen, weil ich denke “was will der oder die denn von mir”.

    In meiner Szene war ich auf der Arbeit und saß beim Betriebsrat. Er gratulierte mir und machte mir ein Kompliment, als er sagte, wie klug ich doch sei, dass ich am Vortag, kurz vor Feierabend mich geweigert hatte, zusammen mit meiner Chefin zur Personalabteilung zu gehen. Er erzählte mir, dass man mir kündigen wollte. Als ich den Grund hörte wurde ich sehr wütend und dachte es war wirklich klug von mir, dass ich nicht gleich mit meiner Chefin mit gegangen war. Denn sonst hätte ich sicherlich, in meiner Wut bei der Personalabteilung jemanden beleidigt und sie hätten einen echten Grund gehabt. So konnte ich jetzt, einen Tag später, zusammen mit dem Betriebsrat, meine Kündigung in der Personalabteilung abholen. Es waren außer mir 5 Leute anwesend. Als es darum ging, dass ich die Kündigung unterschreiben sollte, war ich ratlos ob ich das machen sollte und fragte den Betriebsrat um Rat. Doch der schwieg und jetzt wusste ich was er damit eigentlich meinte, als er sagte ich sei klug. Nämlich dass er mir nicht helfen wird, sondern lediglich als Zeuge fungiert. Da ich nicht wusste, was ich jetzt machen sollte, begann ich so zu tun als würde ich unterschreiben und beobachtete die Anwesenden dabei. An der Körperhaltung der anderen erkannte ich deren Absicht und war mir jetzt sicher auf keinen Fall zu unterschreiben. Zum Spaß und um mir ganz sicher zu sein wiederholte ich das Ganze 2-3 Mal, bis ich schließlich sagte, ich werde nicht unterschreiben.

    Jetzt auf diese Situation blickend sehe ich, dass ich viel von Komplimenten halte, weil sie mich wachsam werden lassen. Und das ist für mich das wirkliche Geschenk bei einem Kompliment. Oft gibt es bei einem Kompliment viel mehr zu entdecken. Wenn ich mich nur dem Kompliment hingebe, werde ich unaufmerksam. Ich fühle mich zwar geschmeichelt, aber es hilft mir nicht. Außerdem was ist klug? Und wer will das beurteilen? In diesem Beispiel habe ich nur getan was ich gefühlt habe. Ich fühlte dass es nicht gut für mich ist, meiner Chefin zu folgen. Und das Kompliment dazu vom Betriebsrat machte mich aufmerksam, sodass ich auch die 2. schwierige Situation überstand. Danke Betriebsrat.

    Mein Satz heißt “Ja ich bin klug, weil ich ein fühlendes Wesen bin!”. Wenn ich etwas nicht weiß bin ich nicht dumm, sondern habe die Möglichkeiten alle Informationen, an die ich kommen kann, zu sammeln und dann aus der Stille mit meinem Gefühl zu entscheiden. Das ist für mich klug.

    Ja, ich bin ein fühlendes Wesen. Danke für diesen Traum.


    For a long time I was alone again in the online course. I made the movements in sitting and reminded me of a workshop in Rome, where we do similar movements. There we met in 3-groups. We had a great group, particularly sympathetic to me was an Italian I met there.

    The opening of the chest is certainly one of my main themes. The width of the chest, which I got through this exercise was extremely pleasant. 2 days later I made, as so often lately, yet another exercise for the chest. Suddenly, my chest felt around the heart not only warm at, but this area was incredibly hot. I often prevents them from accepting recognition, because I think “why should this or that because of me.”

    In my scene, I was at work and was sitting by the work council. He congratulated me and made me a compliment when he said how smart I was because of the day before, just before closing time refused to go along with my boss to Human Resources Department. He told me that they wanted to cancel me. When I heard the reason I became very angry and thought it was really smart of me that I was not the same with my boss went with. Otherwise, I would have certainly offended in my anger at the Human Resources Department someone and they would have had a real reason. So I could now, a day later, together with the works council, pick up my resignation in the HR department. There were 5 people in attendance except me. When it was time that I should sign the notice, I was at a loss whether I should do it and asked the council for advice. But he didn´t answered and now I knew what he really meant when he said I was smart. Namely, that he will not help me, but merely acts as a witness. Since I did not know what I should do now, I started to do so as I would sign, watching the audience. At the posture of the other, I realized their intention and I was now sure not to do. For fun and for me to be really sure, I repeated the whole thing 2-3 times until I finally said I would not sign.

    Now looking at this situation, I see that, I think a lot of compliments because they let me be vigilant. And this is the real gift for a compliment for me. Often there is much more to discover in a compliment. If I only surrender the compliment, I’m inattentive. I feel flattered, but it does not help me. Also, what is wise? And who wants to judge? In this example, I have only done what I felt. I felt that it’s not good for me to follow my boss. And the compliment to the council pointed out to me, so I also got the 2nd difficult situation. Thank work council.

    My sentence is, “Yes, I’m smart because I am a sentient being.” If I do not know something, I’m not stupid, but I gather that I can get the many information and then decide from silence with my feeling. This is wise for me.

    Yes, I am a sentient being. Thank you for this dream.

  3. Dear all,
    Thank you for this wonderful class. Two days later I feel so much energy, I am happy and like to fly ;o)
    There two passes we did, make me very light.
    My scene – I didn’t believe I am beautiful, because in my childhood I had long hair and it was so awful when my mother brush my hair, I felt a lot of pain ;o( And I cut hair very short.
    First view – my mother liked my hair and adore them – strong and long hair she never had;
    Second view – I could ask my Mother to fondle my head and hair, it makes so nice feeling, wow;
    Third view – I can always feel the same wonderful feeling where my Mother fondle my hear, if I start to see myself not so beautiful.
    And today I have note on my computer and in my heart: “I look fabulous, all my being is perfect and unique”
    Thank you all and see you again – with Love!

  4. Dear all,

    thank you so much for this deep going online-class. After one week telling my new sentence to myself I can say that it really helped me to be able to receive gratefulness. The sentence is: “I like to help other beings, it is a source of happiness and power for me”. The original scene was: The mother of my niece thanked me for taking care for her child one day a week in the afternoon. She has an illness that keeps her staying for longer in a hospital. I found out that I first accept her gratefulness but then it turned suddenly into distrust as if she was lying to me or foxing me. But when I say my sentence to myself a few times than I feel that I am free to give help to whom I want because it is source of happiness for me – a very good feeling.

    Further I did the constellation sun and moon form for a week now and I notice that it moves my savagepoint very fast into a special state of silence from which I can act very well. I like do do them in the morning before work. Then I am am full of power and relaxed at the same time. Wonderful!

    So thank you again for this amazing class!

  5. Hello,

    I would like to post a comment, because I am so grateful for this class.

    First of all, which really impressed me, it is when people started sharing what they did in their childhood and what they are doing now. I felt that we are so different and what the people said impressed me so much. I felt that I am not alone.

    When we were practicing the pass, when doing the snake-like movement with the right part of my body and hissing, I suddenly realized that I was always trying to block some part of me, because I didn’t like it, When I did that movement, I suddenly realized that there was no negative in this, something, which I usually tried to block. It was just a bit different part of me, which had an intention to manifest itself. I cannot describe in words what it was, something, which I tried to block.

    I decided to practice this pass. From the beginning I could not remember the movements of the left part of the body — completely! It was so funny for me, I reviewed the recording for many times. At last I did it.

    From my childhood I reminded, that I had a lot of feelings. I was standing and staring at the light, bathing in the warm sun, I liked some places and I could stand and look at for a long time. I was swaying in the wind on a tree, feeling very light. I could go quite far away from my grandmother’s house. — What I do now — I travel, but it is not so big part of my life.

    I understood that I long for that feelings.

    Then, when I became a little bit older, I played constructors. I remember that I looked at the dolls at that time and could not really understand why somebody plays with dolls. If I took the doll, I felt that it is plastic and static, I could not do much with it. — Now I work as a programmer. Though I liked my job for quite a long time, I felt that it became dull for me. Now I understand that this is only because I became too rationalized, and it puts pressure onto me.


  6. Dear all,

    In the Online Class yesterday, the examples Nyei gave about what we could have intended very deeply in our childhood, made me remember a fascinating scene from my childhood, which had completely forgotten: I was about 2 years old and was asked to be the flower girl at the marriage celebration of one of my uncles.

    In the early morning of the marriage celebration day, my mother asked me to go to my grandmother, to collect rose blossoms,my grandmother had prepared for me in a little basket. My grandmother’s house was next to my parents house at the bottom of a small hill and I ran down a meadow, to meet her. My intention was to arrive at her house as soon as possible. I was enthusiastic, loved to run down the field, and was very joyful about going to the celebration. While I was running, I felt that I was no longer touching the ground but flying. It was a very beautiful feeling and I felt pure joy!

    The attributes, which brought me to that moment were: I wanted to be quick, I felt connection, a kind of teamwork between my grandmother, my mother and myself, I loved to run over this beautiful field,I felt enthusiastic and joyful to take an active part in the celebration.

    Which practical steps can I take in my day to develop my projects?
    I will actively build connections to the people, I am are working with (Our translator group is called: Connection!) and work from this joy of connection; in my relationships I will consciously connect and trust and build new experiences and projects from this experience and joy of connection.
    Obviously, I like to do things quickly and I will also permit myself to be quick when I do something. And I will be more in nature, climb, run, swim. Sometimes, I think, my enthusiasm is not helpful when I deal with people and I intend to be more calm and sober. In the class, I could see that enthusiasm comes when I am in my energybody and I can be responsible for how I express it.

    Thank you, to all of you, Nyei, Nadjiba, seen and unseen team of Cleargreen, and all practitioners connected!
    With love.

  7. Thanks to this class I remembered how different I was as a child. I intended things with persistence and with absolute certainty that I will get what I want no matter what. I would find ways to make my parents get me what I wanted. Everyday I would take steps to move towards the goal. But today, i’m the opposite of me as a child.

    I intend to bring back that passion and certainty to follow my heart and to enact my dreams.

    Thank you all for this wonderful class.

  8. titreyen kaya says:

    Online sınıftan bu yana “kaderiniz elinizde” sınıfının videosunu hergün, bazen iki kez, çalışıyorum. Gerçekten destekleyici ve yardımcı oluyor. Teşekkürler.

    I practice the video recording of the Class “Your Destiny in Your Hand” everyday, sometimes twice since the live Class. It is very helpful and supporting. Thank you.

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