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Die Freude an der Bewegung


A Tensegrity® Class:

The Joy of Movement

Celebrating life and love through the joy of Tensegrity® movement & dance

Led by Tensegrity® Instructors, Associate Instructors and Facilitators & Musicians


At Cleargreen in Los Angeles
Tuesdays, 7 to 8 pm




Why are the passes of the old shamans called magical passes?” I asked don Juan one day.
They are not just called magical passes,” he said, “they are magical! They produce an effect that cannot be accounted for by means of ordinary explanations. These movements are not physical exercises or mere postures of the body; they are real attempts at reaching an optimal state of being.”

From the Book Magical Passes by Carlos Castaneda

Do you remember the joy of being a child running and playing without a single concern or even a thought in your mind? … the pleasure of resting through the night with the totality of your being and waking up renewed and refreshed every morning?

Each week we will reconnect with these sensations and reclaim the awe-inspiring beginner’s mind, body, and heart to explore the pleasure and joy of practicing these unique Tensegrity® movements, adapted from the direct heritage of the seers of ancient Mexico.

During these classes we will celebrate the joy of being alive, of having a body that can move and sense and perceive and that we can do things with as we practice and review key series, from the vast library of Tensegrity® movement. Then our live musicians will tune their instruments, or we will turn on the music, and dance the Magical Passes®.

You can enjoy practicing the series taught here at home with our Magical Passes® video streaming library.


This class is open to everyone — newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike. Please arrive a few minutes early for registration and settling in.

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$20 per class

If you are a newcomer, we invite you to contact Cleargreen, tel. (310) 839-7150 or email cleargreen@cleargreen.com, before attending your first class. We would like to send you a short questionnaire to learn more about you!

Classes are held at the Cleargreen studio:
10812A Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232

Cross street Midway (between Overland and Sepulveda). Two hour parking on Midway and Oregon. Unlimited parking available south of Oregon, on Midway and Arizona. Go to the glass door and walk up the stairs to the studio. Map


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