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Sing in the Summer – June 19, 2017 – 7:30 to 9:30 pm


Solstice Sing!

with Kate Richards Geller and Nyei Murez

with Tensegrity® movement and musical accompaniment 

Please join us for a Solstice Sing to celebrate the arrival of Summer!

7:30 to 9:30 pm on Monday June 19 at Cleargreen Studio in Culver City.

The Solstice occurs at 9:24 pm the following day, June 20.

Our celebratory, exploratory meeting takes place at the time before this turning of the season.

As generations have done before us, we will gather to acknowledge the “sun” (Sol) and “to stand still” (-Stice). We will honor the longest day of the year, and the full bloom of Summer!

We will each set an intention and then sing into the night.

We will practice elements of the Tensegrity® movement sequence called the Wheel of Time–movements and breaths based on the view of shamanic view of time as spherical. These are movements that engage the body as a sphere, and an explorer of multiple directions of time and space, bringing color and tone into our awareness as we move.

Then we will explore the shift that arises after a 21-minute immersion in a song pattern, a moment of where we let go and enter into a space of uninhibited sound dream/ play–singing and moving to create an encounter with the multiple layers of “no time” (feeling “I have no time” versus the experience of timelenessness.)
Each soundscape that is created in this format is unique, so come discover what this one brings!

Exchange for this gathering: $25

Register at the door.

Class is held at the Cleargreen studio:
10812A Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232

Cross street Midway (between Overland and Sepulveda). Parking on Midway, Oregon and Arizona. Go to the glass door and walk up the stairs to the studio. Map

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