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Cyclicity 8: Dreaming with the Beloved

A Tensegrity® Class Series

Dreaming with the Beloved

Cyclicity 8

Four Class Meetings

January – March, 2017

Taught by Tensegrity® Facilitators & Facilitators-in-Training in local practice groups worldwide

Our relationship with the one we name our ‘beloved’ in life – whether they be a parent, a partner, a friend, or a project – is one of the most sacred, worthy and rewarding connections we may have, and as such, it may also be one of our least examined.

In this class, with the help of Magical Passes® and Theater of Infinity®, we will explore:

What is our definition of “love”?
What do we love about the beloved?
What do they inspire in us?
What do we expect that person or project to bring us, do for us, be for us?
How can we ourselves bring that, do that, or be that in our own day-to-day experience?

Once we recognize these qualities, we will take steps to bring them into our daily experience—one tiny gesture before the sun sets each day!

We will be guided by the following:

“I’ll tell you who my beloved is, the one who fulfills all my dreams, the one who was made for me, and I for them,” Carlos Castaneda said to a group of students and colleagues gathered for Tensegrity® practice in a Santa Monica studio.

Everyone held their breath, waiting to hear.

“My energy body!!!” he exclaimed, opening his arms wide. “That is my dreamboat!!! Your energy body, your dreaming body is your true love, I am telling you! But don’t take my word for it. Find it out for yourself!”

* * *

Classes are approximately one and a half hours each, guided by Tensegrity® Facilitators and Facilitators-in-Training.

Precise class meeting dates and times determined by local practice groups.

For information and registration: Please contact individual participating practice groups.


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