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Cyclicity 15: Dreaming Awake


A Tensegrity® Class Series

Dreaming Awake

Cyclicity 15

At Cleargreen in Los Angeles

May 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2017
from 7:30 to 9 pm

Florinda Donner-Grau experienced one of her earliest examples of dreaming awake, while writing a college entrance paper:

……… …We entered my room.

……… A strange brilliance hung about the walls, as if a fog had seeped through the four doors in the room, which at that moment I could not see. The fog had changed the shape of the room, giving it strange contours, almost making it round. Regardless of how much I blinked and squinted, all I could see was the table I had been working on for the past three days. I stepped closer. To my relief, I saw my paper arranged in a neat pile. Next to it were all my pencils; they had been sharpened.

……… …Guided by some invisible source, I sat at the table and spread out the pages all around me. Right under my watchful eyes the entire structure of my paper emerged, superimposing itself on my original draft like a double exposure on a frame of film.

……… I lost myself in admiration of the skilled development of the themes. As if they were being maneuvered by some invisible hand that thought and wrote, the paragraphs rearranged themselves, imposing a new order. It was all so gorgeously clear and simple that I laughed out of joy.

……… “Write it down.”

……… The words echoed softly in the room. Curious, I glanced all around me, but I saw no one. Knowing that whatever I was experiencing was definitely more than a dream, I reached for my notepad and a pencil and began to write with a furious speed. Ideas came to me with an incredible clarity and ease. They pulsated in my head and in my body like sound waves. I simultaneously heard and saw the words…

……… After a while, the order superimposed on my paper began to blur. One by one the lines faded away. Desperately, I tried to hold on to this splendid structure, knowing that it would all vanish without a trace. Only the memory of my awareness of that magnificent lucidity remained. And then that, too, was extinguished, as if a candle had been blown out…

Florinda Donner-Grau, Beings-in-Dreaming

We too have experienced such moments where we stepped beyond our usual ‘way of knowing’ to our ‘expanded way of knowing,’ possibly calling such events ‘inspirational moments’ or ‘our creative process.’

Those times when after pondering a topic or situation – what gift to give a friend; a challenging situation at work; the health of ourselves or another – we feel a vibration around our body and receive a solution.

Those moments when traveling and visiting ancient castles or sites you suddenly see horses and buggies and or people costumed from the past.

The design of a table you would like to make, build, or create—a table, a house, a musical piece, a software program—suddenly becomes clear.

All of these events, when our energy or dreaming body is near, have something in common – they are accompanied by a physically-felt vibrational sensation and happen while we are awake.

Putting our attention on such events – when we had them, what preceded them, what was our body position and sensation while having them, sharing such moments and listening to the experiences of others — increases our awareness of dreaming awake episodes in our lives, which transfers to our sleeping awareness in our night dreams and brings our spirit closer.

We have many waking dream experiences without being conscious of them.

Let’s incorporate dreaming awake more into our lives, and live lives to our fullest potential.

In these experiential classes, you will:

Recall from memory past dreaming awake experiences.

Tune your body to the vibrational world of dreaming awake and seeing.

Enhance and experience dreaming awake accompanied with music

Enhance and experience dreaming awake accompanied with planetary vibrational sounds.

* * *

These classes will be guided by Associate Tensegrity® Instructor Nadjiba Medjaoui.

They are open to everyone — newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike. Please arrive a few minutes early for registration and settling in.

* * *

$20 per class to pay at the door

If you are a newcomer, we invite you to contact Cleargreen, tel. (310) 839-7150 or email cleargreen@cleargreen.com, before attending your first class. We would like to send you a short questionnaire to learn more about you!

Classes are held at the Cleargreen studio:
10812A Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232

Cross street Midway (between Overland and Sepulveda). Two hour parking on Midway and Oregon. Unlimited parking available south of Oregon, on Midway and Arizona. Go to the glass door and walk up the stairs to the studio. Map

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