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Cyclicity: Beginning at the Beginning, Ending at the End


Announcing a Pair of Tensegrity® Classes


Class One: Beginning at the Beginning

Class Two: Ending at the End

January – March, 2017

Taught by Tensegrity® Facilitators & Facilitators-in-Training in local practice groups worldwide

The seers of don Juan’s lineage spoke about a phenomenon called Cyclicity, and pointed out how practically every aspect of our lives, our awareness and our universe is part of a cycle. The more we are aware of this, the more conscious our actions on every level.

In this two-class series, we will look at: How do we say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in our lives? How do we begin and end our endeavors? How do we birth new life; and how do we let it go, placing it in the hands of a force greater than ourselves? Does recognizing and releasing the end of one cycle help us be more prepared to begin the next? Do cycles really begin and end?

In this two-part series, we will practice Magical Passes®, and exercises of Recapitulation with its sweeping breath to help us clear and animate our energy fields, lift our vibration of awareness, and connect more consciously with the cycles of our own beings, the Earth, Moon, Planets and Stars.

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Classes approximately 2 hours each and will take place at registered Tensegrity® practice groups, guided by Level I Facilitators-in-Training

Precise class meeting dates and times determined by local practice groups.

For information and registration: Please contact individual participating practice groups.


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